Richard Meier

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Troubled Son 'Outs' Celeb Architect

Son: Meier landed me in psych ward; friends: Dad's straight

(Newser) - Celebrity architect Richard Meier’s son claims his dad locked him up in a mental hospital and is trying to disinherit him for revealing that his 73-year-old dad is gay. Richard Meier's friends insist he's straight, but Joseph Meier plans to write a book "about my tragic experience with... More »

Rome's New Mayor Vows to Raze Renowned Museum

'Post-Fascist' Alemanno wants to destroy Meier building

(Newser) - Only a few days into his mandate, Rome's new right-wing mayor has sworn to dismantle a state-of-the-art museum designed by American architect Richard Meier, reports the Times of London. Gianni Alemanno called the Ara Pacis museum, built 2 years ago to house a peace altar from the Augustan period, "... More »

Art Market Fuels Boom in Private Museums

Contemporary collectors keep architects busy designing special exhibition spaces

(Newser) - Contemporary art collectors, no longer content to hang the Julian Schnabel over the sofa, are commissioning celebrity architects to design special exhibition spaces, complete with soaring ceilings, professional lighting, and temperature controls. With the art market booming, so is the market for private museums, worrying some observers that important works... More »

3 Stories