AIG bonuses

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AIG Slashes Bonuses, Will Still Pay Out $100M Tomorrow

News not sitting well with lawmakers

(Newser) - Good news, if you’re not keen on bailed-out firms handing out bonuses: AIG has trimmed by $20 million those due to current and former employees in March. The bad news: The insurance giant that was the largest recipient of US bailout funds is still going to pay out $100... More »

Wall Street Bonuses Ripe for Tea Party Rage

Big finance could face populist pitchforks

(Newser) - Bailed-out Wall Street execs handing themselves hefty bonuses this month should prepare for outrage not only from Dems inside the Beltway but from tea partiers, who hold their first convention in Nashville next month. The rage that has been focused on big government and health care reform could easily swing... More »

AIG Execs Ignore Vow to Return Bonuses

Only $19M of promised $45M has been repaid

(Newser) - Execs at the AIG division responsible for the company's downfall have decided they deserve those hefty bonuses after all. Top earners at the bailed-out company promised to return $45 million in bonuses by the end of this year amid public outrage at the payments, but only some $19 million has... More »

3 Stories