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Blackwater Founder Weighing Senate Run in Wyoming

He would be part of Steven Bannon's anti-establishment insurgency

(Newser) - The man who founded the controversial security contractor Blackwater is considering running for Congress, and he'll have the backing of Breitbart leader and former White House advisor Steve Bannon if he does. Erik Prince is reportedly considering a challenge to Republican Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, the Washington Post reports,... More »

GOP Blasts Sebelius as 'Laughingstock of America'

Lawmakers continue push to shove her 'out the door'

(Newser) - It's probably never positive for your career if Ted Cruz is calling for your head , but GOP Sen. John Barrasso is looking at last night's SNL Cold Open—which ripped and Kathleen Sebelius —and declaring Sebelius "the laughingstock of America. She's lost considerable... More »

Assad Comes Out on Top in Syria Deal

Putin now 'US ambassador to Syria': GOP senator

(Newser) - Following the US-Russia agreement on Syrian chemical disarmament, plenty of political insiders are furious with the Obama administration—but the White House has its defenders. What the media is saying:
  • At Bloomberg , Jeffrey Goldberg sees a major victory for Bashar al-Assad: "The US has in a perverse way made
... More »

GOP Senators Boycott Vote on New EPA Chief

Democrats accuse them of obstructionism

(Newser) - Republicans on the Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee refused to show up yesterday for a vote to confirm President Obama's nominee to head the EPA , complaining that Gina McCarthy hadn't responded to their inquiries. "We're not asking to amend any bedrock environmental laws,"... More »

Graham: 'Hats Off to the President'

Says Obama stuck to his guns, will get tax hike on rich

(Newser) - President Obama wasn't the only show on the Sunday dial today : On the eve of the fiscal cliff, Lindsey Graham was upbeat about the chances of a deal, telling Fox News they were "exceedingly good." "Hats off to the president," said Graham, according to Politico... More »

GOP: Obama Wants to Sail Right Over Cliff

Barrasso sees political gold at bottom for president

(Newser) - Whether he gets "that for free" or not, President Obama has no interest in averting the fiscal cliff, says the No. 4 Republican in the Senate. "I think he sees a political victory at the bottom of the cliff," Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso told Fox News today,... More »

On Fiscal Cliff, Dems and GOP Closer Than They Look

But mortgage interest deduction might be a casualty

(Newser) - Depending on who you ask, the fiscal cliff confrontation in Washington is either a massive standoff, or a massive mirage. "It is not going to happen soon," John Barrasso, the Senate's fourth-ranking Republican said yesterday. But top officials tell Politico that behind the scenes John Boehner and... More »

Health Bill Passage a Tribute to Ted Kennedy

'Liberal lion' invoked by both left and right, but what would he think?

(Newser) - The memory of Ted Kennedy was a vivid presence today on both sides of the aisle as the Senate passed its version of his signature issue, health care reform. The late Massachusetts senator “remained the Democrats' spiritual floor leader,” Dana Milbank writes in the Washington Post , and almost... More »

Teabagger Fears Prayers Killed Wrong Senator

Georgian worries that plea for Byrd's death backfired

(Newser) - A self-described teabagger who apparently believes his prayers have the power to kill lawmakers cracked up C-Span viewers yesterday. The caller—alarmed by Sen. Jim Inhofe's absence from a vote—told Sen. John Barrasso over the phone that he feared his prayers for 92-year-old Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd to die... More »

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