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Sarah Palin: I Know Africa Is a Continent...

She's tired of the lies, and might be too unconventional to run

(Newser) - Sarah Palin conceded she might be too "unconventional" a presidential candidate for American voters. It's a consideration that's holding up her decision whether or not to run—along with the war chest she'll need for the race, she tells the BBC . But the "unconventional" hesitation was a bit... More »

Todd Palin's Banned Bloggers List Uncovered

Four-name list contained former allies and suspected protesters

(Newser) - The banned bloggers list Todd Palin instituted for his wife’s book signing in Wasilla last week has made its way online, revealing the identity of the fourth banned journalist, among other things. The two-page memo for the event, uncovered by Talking Points Memo , contains a section unambiguously titled, “... More »

Todd Palin Behind Banned-Bloggers List

Man kept from Sarah's Alaska signing gets answers

(Newser) - Turns out Todd Palin was behind the banning of certain bloggers from wife Sarah’s book-signing event in her Alaskan hometown Tuesday. One of those barred from the event talked to the store manager, who told him, “The ‘banned list’ is just four names he wrote in a... More »

Palin Bans Bloggers From Book Signing

Critics kicked out of hometown 'Going Rogue ' event

(Newser) - Dying to attend one of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue book signings? Better make sure you’re not on the banned list first. It includes four names so far, one of whom hasn’t been identified. The first three:
  • Jesse Gryphen: An Alaska kindergarten teacher who posted Palin divorce rumors
... More »

4 Stories