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Woman Who Boarded Plane Sans Ticket Gets 6 Months

Marilyn Hartman shouldn't have returned to LAX

(Newser) - Marilyn Hartman's sneaky plane hopping days are over—at least for the next six months. Just last week, Hartman, 62, successfully boarded a flight from San Jose to Los Angeles … without a ticket. Even though she was arrested, put on a two-year probation, and told to stay off... More »

Woman Sent to Jail for 2 Days Stuck There for 154

It's a 'big screw-up' in Indiana

(Newser) - What's worse than going to jail? Being stuck there for 77 times your original sentence. That's what happened to a 34-year-old woman from Jeffersonville, Ind., who was ordered to serve two days in the Clark County jail after submitting a diluted drug test—in August. Destiny Hoffman was... More »

Dharun Ravi Gets 30-Day Sentence

He declines to speak in sentencing hearing

(Newser) - After declining to speak on his own behalf, Dharun Ravi was sentenced to 30 days in jail today for spying on and allegedly outing gay roommate Tyler Clementi. Ravi "stared wide-eyed at the judge" as the sentence was read, but had no other reaction, according to the New Jersey ... More »

2 Brits Get 4 Years for Pushing Riots on Facebook

... Even though their pages didn't lead to specific riots

(Newser) - As sentencing continues in last week’s riots across Britain, some observers fear the punishments far outweigh the crimes. Two young British men who used Facebook to call for local rioting have each received four-year jail sentences—though the riots they suggested never took place. In one case, a 20-year-old... More »

Balloon Dad Heene Gets 90 Days

What's worse, he can't parlay stunt into cash for 4 years

(Newser) - Richard Heene, the mastermind behind the Balloon Boy stunt, will be cooking up his schemes behind bars for 90 days after being sentenced today. After his sentence—a mixture of hard time and work release—is complete, he’ll serve four years of probation, ABC News reports. The lowest blow?... More »

5 Stories