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Crushed by Existential Angst? Find a Teddy Bear

Study finds a simple touch can ease feelings of worthlessness

(Newser) - World got you down? Can't find the point of it all in your meaningless existence? You are a person in dire need of a teddy bear, say researchers in Amsterdam. Through a series of studies, they found that people with low self-esteem see the world in a much better... More »

Got Some Existential Angst? Try Tylenol

Study suggests it eases non-physical pain, too

(Newser) - This could make for some interesting commercials: A new study suggests that Tylenol not only eases physical aches, but existential ones, too, reports Psych Central . Researchers found that people asked to brood about their own deaths were less, um, broody if they popped a Tylenol as opposed to a sugar... More »

Do We Actually Exist?

'I think, therefore I am' doesn't always hold true

(Newser) - The fact that we exist is inarguable, right? After all, if the world were just a dream, we'd need to be dreaming to experience it, writes Julian Baggini for the Independent . Maybe not. Throughout the ages, people have claimed that the self actually doesn't exist—and such claims are gathering... More »

Vatican Praises The Simpsons' Take on God

Despite his jokes, Homer knows Him 'quite well'

(Newser) - The Vatican's newspaper sees right through Homer Simpson’s superficial ambivalence about—or even ignorance of—God to a soul that finds its “ultimate refuge in” the supreme deity. In a study of that great theological repository, The Simpsons, the editors of L'Osservatore Romano praise its portrayal of “... More »

4 Stories