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Tinsel Was Once Dangerous to Kids

FDA took action over lead in the decoration

(Newser) - A harmless symbol of Christmas cheer was once deemed so risky that the FDA had to regulate it. Tinsel once contained lead, which, as scientists realized in the 1960s, made it dangerous to kids. That prompted a deal between the FDA and tinsel makers to alter manufacturing methods, the American... More »

Love It or Hate It, Tinsel Thrives at Cheap-O Xmas

Sole US manufacturer of 'icicles' says sales up 40%

(Newser) - Decorating Christmas trees with tinsel is a divisive practice, but one thing proponents and detractors can agree on is its economy, a factor that appears to be the deciding one in this holiday season of scarcity. At the only major US maker of the shiny plastic strips, sales are up... More »

2 Stories