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Kim Kardashian Among Celebs in New Nude Photo Hack

Actress Gabrielle Union says she'll contact the FBI

(Newser) - Celebrity hackers have unleashed another round of nude photos on the Internet, including apparent images of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Ratajkowski, and Hayden Panatierre—as well as more pics of Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence, the BBC reports. The images appeared briefly yesterday morning on the websites 4chan and Reddit,... More »

It's Complicated Really a Simple Rom-Com

It may not be complicated, but Alec Baldwin's performance shines

(Newser) - Some critics see Nancy Meyers' latest as somewhat more reasoned and subtle than her usual fare. But It's Complicated is still a formulaic flick—with a scene-stealing turn by Alec Baldwin. A few takes:
  • The flick " isn't nearly complicated enough, but at least Meyers has dropped something a bit
... More »

2 Stories