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DHS Has $20M on Hand for $21.6B Wall: Report

It's a little short of what's needed, if estimates are accurate

(Newser) - Administration officials may have to mine the Oval Office couch for loose change in the wake of the latest financial report from the Department of Homeland Security. Per a DHS document Reuters saw, the agency has pored over the "existing funds and resources" President Trump said would be tapped... More »

Mexico on Reimbursing Trump for Wall: Um, Nope

Peña Nieto is willing to work with US on other issues, but says 'of course' it won't pay

(Newser) - At his press conference Wednesday, Donald Trump revisited his new plan to get Congress to pay for his border wall and get Mexico to reimburse the American taxpayer, noting, "What's the difference? I want to get the wall started." And even as the Mexican peso simultaneously hit... More »

Trump Finally Gets His 'Border Wall'

Around his Hollywood star, that is

(Newser) - Donald Trump finally got his border wall Tuesday—just not where he expected. Los Angeles-based street artist Plastic Jesus erected a 6-inch-tall wall—complete with barbed wire and "keep out" signs—around Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, reports CNN . The display—later removed—also included... More »

Mark Zuckerberg Is Building 'Oppressive' Wall: Hawaiians

New structure around his 700-acre property isn't going over well among most

(Newser) - Mr. Zuckerberg, tear down that wall. So say neighbors in Kauai, Hawaii, who think the Facebook founder is not so "neighborly." Residents on the north shore say Mark Zuckerberg is building a "monstrosity" of a wall on the 700-acre property he bought in 2014. He's reportedly... More »

Trump: Mexico's Paying for That Wall, and Here's How

He'd cut off billions of dollars in transfers sent by immigrants to family in Mexico

(Newser) - Two former Mexican presidents have already said there's no way their country will ever pay for the "stupid" "f---ing wall" that Donald Trump insists he'll erect between the US and Mexico if he becomes president—which has led to lots of head-scratching over how exactly Trump... More »

Saudis Building Anti-ISIS 'Great Wall'

600-mile barrier on Iraq border designed to keep militants out, Mecca safe

(Newser) - If ISIS wants to infiltrate Mecca and Medina (Muhammad's burial location), it may have to find another way in other than crossing the Iraqi border. Since September, Saudi Arabia has quietly been erecting a 600-mile east-west barrier between itself and its northern neighbor, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The... More »

Physicist: Let's Build Huge Anti-Tornado Walls

Ronjia Tao believes three walls could protect the US from disaster

(Newser) - With Americans still recovering from last year's tornadoes , one physicist has a plan—to build huge walls that would keep tornadoes from ever forming, the Smithsonian reports. Physicist Ronjia Tao of Temple University says three walls would soften clashing streams of air and prevent tornado formation. Each would be... More »

'Ecobarriers' Wall In Rio's Poor

(Newser) - They’re called “ecobarriers,” but critics say the walls being erected in Rio de Janeiro aren’t there to protect trees. The 10-foot cinderblock walls are supposed to prevent Rio’s favelas, or shantytowns, from expanding into the rainforest, but critics say they’re really a means of... More »

US Builds Giant Wall in Sadr City

Partition aims to keep insurgents from neighborhood

(Newser) - American forces have begun construction of an enormous concrete wall that will partition Sadr City, one of Baghdad's most dangerous neighborhood. The structure is intended to make the southern section of Sadr City, a Shiite stronghold that borders the Green Zone, into a protected enclave, reports the New York Times.... More »

Iraqi PM Calls Off Wall

Prime Minister al-Maliki ordered a stop to a wall between a Sunni and Shiite neighborhood

(Newser) - Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki halted construction of a wall between a Sunni neighborhood and surrounding Shiite areas in Baghdad yesterday, after outraged protests by both Sunnis and Shiites. Al-Maliki said he did not want Iraqis to be reminded of "other walls"—a reference to the barrier being... More »

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