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Boy Who Didn't Come Back From Heaven Sues Own Publisher

Alex Malarkey says he never saw a dime from book, and that late father made up near-death story

(Newser) - Alex Malarkey calls it "one of the most deceptive books ever," even though it bears his byline and that of his late father. The 20-year-old Ohio man, left paraplegic after a 2004 car crash in which his father, Kevin Malarkey, was driving, co-penned with his dad The Boy ... More »

He Was Paralyzed in 2004. Now He Can Feel His Hand

Thanks to electrodes in the brain and a robotic arm

(Newser) - It's a small but hopeful step: A man paralyzed from the neck down due to a spinal injury sustained in a 2004 car accident says he's feeling "possibly natural" sensations in his hand after scientists electrically stimulated his brain. A team led by researchers at the University... More »

33-Year-Old Murder May Be Solved; Suspect Is Quadriplegic

Baby was only witness to 1983 murder of Calif. mom Marsha Carter

(Newser) - For more than 30 years, the case of Marsha Carter's murder has been a cold one, with all leads turning up empty and the Bay Area case eventually fading out of the papers. That changed last month with the arrest of a Placer County man in connection with the... More »

Quadriplegic Gets First Driverless License

Paralyzed in 2000, Sam Schmidt gets a second chance to drive cars

(Newser) - Ever since he was a little boy, Sam Schmidt wanted to race cars. He was living that dream, driving in the Indy Racing League when a crash on a test run in Orlando severed his spinal cord in 2000, leaving him paralyzed in all four limbs. On Wednesday, however, Schmidt... More »

Man Faked Quadriplegia in Effort to Duck Court

Alan Knight admitting to stealing $65K from neighbor

(Newser) - Some people work so hard to not have to work: Such is the case of Alan Knight, a 47-year-old Welsh man who conned $65,000 out of his neighbor, an 85-year-old pensioner with dementia. He then went to great lengths to avoid prosecution—claiming to be a quadriplegic and even... More »

Quadriplegic Moves Hand by Thinking About It

Ian Burkhart broke his neck while swimming in 2010

(Newser) - It is, as the Washington Post writes, "science fiction come true": A 23-year-old quadriplegic managed to move his right hand last Wednesday, a hand that he'd had no power over since he broke his neck after diving into a sandbar in the Atlantic Ocean in 2010. Since then,... More »

Inspirational Paraplegic Blogger Is a Hoax

David Rose never existed, despite his online fame

(Newser) - David Rose was a deaf paraplegic with severe cerebral palsy who became an Internet sensation in recent weeks thanks to his inspirational blog posts and tweets (and retweets from the likes of Kim Kardashian). When the 24-year-old died last week—his sister posted the news on his now-defunct DaveonWheels blog—... More »

Full-Body Prosthetic Could Allow Paralyzed to Walk

Sensory information can be sent directly to brain: scientists

(Newser) - If an international team of neuroscientists, engineers, and physiologists has its way, a quadriplegic will open the 2014 World Cup—by striding out onto the field. The team is working on a "prosthetic exoskeleton," a full-body device that would allow those who have been paralyzed to walk again.... More »

Quadriplegic Rapist Denied Parole

Calif. board rejects first inmate considered under medical parole law

(Newser) - A convicted rapist paralyzed from the neck down after he was stabbed by another inmate a decade ago has been denied parole in California. Steven Martinez was the first inmate to be considered for medical parole under a new state law aimed at saving the expense of providing medical care... More »

Nurse Caught on Tape Switching Off Ventilator

British nurse's blunder leaves man brain-damaged

(Newser) - A British quadriplegic who installed hidden cameras in his home because he was worried about the quality of his care was left severely brain damaged by a mistake that confirmed his suspicions. The cameras captured a nurse who lacked the proper training accidentally disconnecting his ventilator and then struggling to... More »

Singer-Songwriter Vic Chesnutt Dies at 45

Quadriplegic had been in coma after overdose

(Newser) - Vic Chesnutt, who blossomed as a singer-songwriter after a car wreck at 18 left him confined to a wheelchair, died today at 45 after several days in a coma following a drug overdose. His record label announced his death, but not the cause, and some reports say the overdose of... More »

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