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Found in Vacant Nigerian Apartment: $43M

And then everyone makes the same Nigerian prince joke

(Newser) - Apparently not a Nigerian scam: the $43 million discovered in an empty apartment in Lagos. CTV News cites a Facebook post last week from the country's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, which revealed the "humongous find" after a whistleblower clued the authorities in that morning on the suspicious... More »

US Air Marshal Stabbed With Mystery Syringe

Marshal is flown back from Nigeria, put in quarantine

(Newser) - A US air marshal was attacked with a syringe at an airport in Lagos, Nigeria, yesterday and injected with an unknown substance, Fox News reports. The TSA says he received "precautionary medication" and was flown to Houston with his team, where he was put in quarantine for fear he... More »

1 Dead, 30 Hurt in Fireworks Explosion

Nigerian-factory blast sparks blaze in crowded market

(Newser) - A fireworks factory exploded in the Nigerian city of Lagos today and sparked a fire that spread to at least nine other buildings, killing one and injuring 30, AFP reports. Crowds gathered to watch as people jumped from windows to save their lives and bystanders ran to fetch water. Shop... More »

Nigeria Yanks Airline's License Over Lagos Crash

Dana Air grounded while deadly crash probed

(Newser) - Nigeria has grounded Dana Air after Sunday's crash that killed all 153 people on board and at least 10 more on the ground. The country's civil aviation authority says the airline, which started flying in 2008, will need to be recertified, CNN reports. Recovery efforts at the site... More »

Nigerian Crash Pilot Was American

10 dead confirmed on ground, but many more expected

(Newser) - The pilot of yesterday's tragic plane crash in Lagos that killed at least 163 people was American, reports CNN . The pilot radioed minutes before crashing that the plane was experiencing engine trouble. Dana Air has released no official information about the pilot yet, but a spokesman said that the... More »

Nigeria Plane Crash Kills 153: Officials

Dana Air flight hits 2-story building in Lagos

(Newser) - A passenger plane crashed into a two-story building in Nigeria's largest city of Lagos today, killing all the passengers on board, an aviation official said. The Lagos state government said in a statement that 153 people were on the flight going from Abuja to Lagos. The plane crashed in... More »

Wrong-Way Drivers in Lagos Must Go See a Shrink

Penalty is part of city's effort to rein in traffic

(Newser) - Psychiatrists in New York would probably love to see this legislation passed in the US. In Lagos, Nigeria—where traffic has reached epidemic levels—if you're caught going the wrong way on a one-way street, you face a $160 fine, but you also have to receive a psychiatric evaluation,... More »

'Attempted Act of Terrorism' Triggers Higher Alert Level

White House: In-flight incident was 'attempted act of terrorism'

(Newser) - The US government has raised the terror alert level for airline flights to orange, the second-highest designation, after today’s incident involving a passenger on a Detroit-bound jet that the White House says was "an attempted act of terrorism." Earlier, a 23-year-old Nigerian claiming ties to al-Qaeda tried... More »

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