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Americans Develop Taste for Dark Meat

More flavorful than the ubiquitous chicken breast, dark meat sales on the rise

(Newser) - Pat LaFrieda Jr. can't get enough chicken thighs. If his family business featured on Food Network's Meat Men orders 100 cases of thighs, his supplier might deliver only 60. That's because consumers are discovering something chefs have long known about dark meat: "It was always the... More »

Eating Right: Some Unusual Suspects

Celery, seaweed could work wonders for your diet

(Newser) - The usual admonitions we hear at this time of year about eating right are probably going in one ear and out the other, so perhaps these unusual health-food suspects from Men’s Health will catch your attention as you prepare that New Year’s resolution.
  • Celery: Its phytochemicals are thought
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2 Stories