Jasper Schuringa

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Ethics Panel Blasts NBC's 'Checkbook Journalism'

Journalist group objects to network flying the Goldmans home

(Newser) - The Society of Professional Journalists has condemned NBC News for practicing "checkbook journalism" by chartering a jet to bring home from Brazil a US man and his son involved in a bitter custody battle. David Goldman granted an interview to Meredith Vieira of NBC's Today show that aired yesterday.... More »

Flight 253 Hero Pockets $18K for Photos

Jasper Schuringa is making bank off two pix...sort of

(Newser) - Jasper Schuringa, who burned his hands while taking down Flight 253's would-be terrorist, may be the hero of the hour—but he’s not above profiting from said heroism, hitting up media outlets for serious cash for pix of the bomber and himself, writes Foster Kamer for Gawker . With the... More »

Hero Passenger: 'My Hands Are Pretty Burned'

Amsterdam native helped subdue terror suspect, get him handcuffed

(Newser) - Details are emerging today on how quick-acting passengers, one in particular, helped subdue the would-be terrorist aboard a Detroit-bound plane. One passenger identified as Jasper Schuringa tells CNN he pulled the suspect from his seat when the commotion began and dragged him to the front of the plane where he... More »

3 Stories