Pier 39

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Missing SF Sea Lions Appear in Oregon

They went north for better fishing, scientists now say

(Newser) - The mystery of San Francisco’s vanishing sea lions looks to have been solved: They went north for the winter, to Oregon. When the stench off Pier 39 disappeared last month, scientists floated any number of theories—even, the BBC reports, that the beasts cleared out ahead of impending earthquake—... More »

SF Pier's Sea Lions Suddenly Vanish

El Niño may be a factor, but biologists mystified

(Newser) - The sea lions that are among the more authentic attractions on San Francisco’s touristy Pier 39 have suddenly, and inexplicably, disappeared. The beasts showed up at the wooden docks alongside the pier unexpectedly 20 years ago, and in winter as many as 300 would lie around, attracting crowds. But... More »

2 Stories