Erroll Southers

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Obama's TSA Nominee Pulls Out Under Fire

Says he was being used by those with a 'political agenda'

(Newser) - Erroll Southers, Barack Obama's choice to lead the Transportation Security Administration, withdrew his name today, saying his nomination had become a lightning rod for those with a political agenda. Southers' confirmation has been blocked by Republican Sen. Jim DeMint, who says he was worried Southers would allow TSA employees to... More »

Reid Will Force Senate Vote on TSA Nominee

Sen. DeMint blocking transportation chief over unionization

(Newser) - Harry Reid plans a parliamentary move of his own to break Jim DeMint's hold on the nominee to run the Transportation Security Administration. When the Senate returns the week of Jan. 19, Reid will hold a vote to end DeMint's filibuster on the nomination of Erroll Southers, reports Talking Points... More »

No TSA Chief in Detroit Crisis, Thanks to GOP Senator

Agency leaderless as DeMint blocks nom

(Newser) - Democratic leaders and airline industry officials are blaming GOP Sen. Jim DeMint for the fact that the Transportation Security Administration has no chief as it struggles to recover from the terrorist near-miss on Christmas Day. DeMint, chair of an aviation subcommittee, has been blocking the appointment of counterterrorism expert Erroll... More »

3 Stories