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Van Der Sloot Seeks $1M TV Deal

He'll talk on camera for big bucks

(Newser) - Self-confessed killer Joran Van der Sloot is trying to peddle his first on-camera TV interview for $1 million, according to sources in the Peruvian jail where he's being held. So far, there haven't been any takers. The Dutch killer, 22, has apparently been hard up for cash for some time... More »

Enquirer Refused Masseuse Request for $1M

Al Gore accuser apparently still looking for a payday

(Newser) - Al Gore's masseuse/accuser tried to score a big payday from the National Enquirer, but the tabloid refused her request for $1 million, reports Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post . "No money changed hands," executive editor Barry Levine tells Kurtz. He said the Enquirer conducted only a quick interview... More »

ABC Nearly Paid Balloon Boy $10K

Backed off when judge ruled family couldn't profit from hoax

(Newser) - ABC News was just about to pay the family of "balloon boy" Jason Heene $10,000 for a video of their stunt and an interview before a judge ruled last month that the family couldn't profit from their hoax. "ABC pulled the story because it didn't want the... More »

Ethics Panel Blasts NBC's 'Checkbook Journalism'

Journalist group objects to network flying the Goldmans home

(Newser) - The Society of Professional Journalists has condemned NBC News for practicing "checkbook journalism" by chartering a jet to bring home from Brazil a US man and his son involved in a bitter custody battle. David Goldman granted an interview to Meredith Vieira of NBC's Today show that aired yesterday.... More »

4 Stories