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Democrats' Big Money Men Sitting Out 2010

Conservative groups outspending liberal ones by 7 to 1 margin

(Newser) - The Democrats' normal stable of megadonors has largely failed to show up for the 2010 race, while their Republican counterparts are going wild, the New York Times reports. Even reliable donors like George Soros are sitting on their wallets—Soros “believes that he can be most effective by funding... More »

Biden Tells Dems 'Stop Whining'

Lefties don't take the advice so well

(Newser) - Joe Biden, long known for his propensity for sticking his foot in, among other things, his own mouth, had another less-than-diplomatic moment today. Speaking in New Hampshire, the vice president said his party's faithful should get over their beef with the Obama White House's performance, and start pounding the pavement.... More »

Health Reform Won't Save Dems

The bill won't be any more popular after it's passed, writes Kim Strassel

(Newser) - The Democrats are living in dreamland if they think passing health care is good politics, writes Kim Strassel. The bill isn't going to become any more popular than it is now with independent voters if it becomes law, and passing it is hardly going to energize a Democratic base that... More »

3 Stories