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Jon Stewart's Rescue Horse Dies in Fall

'She went peacefully ... under her favorite tree'

(Newser) - At least Lily had a great last month. A rescue horse recently adopted by Jon Stewart died on Sunday, according to a Facebook post from the farm sanctuary Stewart runs with his wife, Tracey. "Her bones were very frail. She stumbled and fell hard on her neck causing a... More »

Cops Spent 4 Hours Looking for a 'Unicorn'

Runaway pony in costume was eventually found in an orchard

(Newser) - California Highway Patrol spent hours searching for a "unicorn" on Wednesday. Yes, really. A white pony named Juliette, adorned with a horn as part of a fairy-tale photo shoot in Madera Ranchos, Calif., suddenly took off on her handler, reports CNN . She was caught but soon escaped again. Police... More »

McDonald's Has Served Me on Horse Before, Says Rider

In fact, her pony just loves McFlurries

(Newser) - The woman who directed her pony into McDonald's —where it pooped on the floor—says she's surprised at the media reaction. "I think over the last couple of years, we've been to that McDonald's at least half a dozen times on the horses,"... More »

A Zebra and Pony Running Wild in Staten Island? Yep

They escaped from a petting zoo

(Newser) - A Staten Island business owner shot video today of a decidedly weird scene: A Shetland pony and a zebra were galloping through a strip mall parking lot, reports the Staten Island Advance . Turns out Razzi (the zebra) and Casper (the pony) escaped from a nearby petting zoo, and both are... More »

Brits Move to Grab Girl's Pony for Child Support

'It makes me angry,' says feisty teen horse-lover

(Newser) - A 13-year-old girl has taken court action to protect her pony, Pringle, from being seized by British authorities to help cover child support payments the teen's dad owes to her mom. "They said that my dad had a debt and they were going to take my pony. It made... More »

5 Stories