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Meet the New Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield will play Peter Parker in 2012 reboot

(Newser) - Andrew Garfield has been chosen to play Spider-Man in the sequel that will reboot the franchise in 2012, Zap2it reports. Garfield, 26, who appeared most recently in Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, beat out actors like Jamie Bell, Logan Lerman, and Josh Hutcherson in a grueling casting process.... More »

Percy Jackson Lacks Spark

Harry Potter clone falls short of Olympian ambitions

(Newser) - Critics are pretty disappointed with Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. The Harry Potter-esque romp, directed by Chris Columbus, follows a boy who discovers not just that he has powers, but that the Greek gods are alive in America.
  • The film "has no real pep to it
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8 People Bound to Blow Up in 2010

You may not know Amber Heard yet—but you will

(Newser) - Remember Girl, Interrupted—when Winona Ryder was the big name and you had barely heard of Angelina Jolie? Just think of all the potential Angelinas out there, just waiting for your love and admiration. PopEater predicts eight up-and-comers who will become household names in 2010:
  • Anna Kendrick: With award nominations
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3 Stories