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Samoa Skips Friday, Wakes Up Saturday

Country goes to bed on Dec. 29, rises on Dec. 31

(Newser) - TGI ... S? There was no Friday, Dec. 30, in Samoa, as residents went to bed on Thursday and woke up Saturday. Or, some did. The rest celebrated as fireworks overtook the sky and sirens blared, marking the tiny South Pacific island's jump into the future as it crossed west... More »

Samoa Skipping Dec. 30

Pacific nation cancels day to cross date line

(Newser) - If you've got an appointment this Friday in Samoa, better reschedule. The Pacific island nation has decided it wants to be on the other side of the international date line and is canceling this year's Dec. 30 to get there, AP reports. For the country's 186,000... More »

Samoa Is Going Time Traveling

Island will skip Dec. 30 to switch sides on international date line

(Newser) - Despite an absence of muscle-bound cyborgs,the island of Samoa is going time traveling. But don't break out your old investment tables or racing forms just yet; it's just moving one day. After 119 years of being the last country in the world to see the sun set... More »

Sydney Starts Off 2010 With a Bang

Australian city gets drop on New Zealand with early display

(Newser) - Sydney welcomed 2010 a little early this year, with a 9pm fireworks display over the harbor for the family crowd. That hour in Australia happens to fall at midnight in Auckland, New Zealand, which usually lays claim to the first big celebration of the New Year, but appears to have... More »

4 Stories