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Congress Makes Commercials Quieter

Though it'll take 2 years to hear the benefits

(Newser) - Congress began turning down the volume on TV commercials today, approving a bill that requires advertisers to keep their spots close to that of the program they interrupt. The bill, awaiting the president's signature, gives the FCC a year to figure out the logistics of establishing new standards and another... More »

Congress Turning Down Volume of TV Commercials

Measure clears Senate, should be law soon

(Newser) - Bipartisan agreement on the this one: The Senate unanimously passed a bill that outlaws blaring TV commercials, the AP reports. Because the House already cleared a similar measure, this one's destined to become law soon after minor differences are ironed out. Under the CALM act, TV stations have to make... More »

Court: iPod Can't Be Faulted for Hearing Loss

Appeal decision finds nothing wrong with enabling high volume

(Newser) - Apple has won an appeals court decision in a case in which plaintiffs argued that the iPod endangered people's hearing. The court found no merit to the argument, ComputerWorld reports. Critics of the iPod didn't make the case that anyone's hearing had been damaged, only that the iPod's ability to... More »

3 Stories