China food safety

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In China's Troubled Food, Chicken Butt, Feathers Lurk

'Guardian' rounds up some pretty disgusting ingredients

(Newser) - Despite occasional attempts to crack down, food scandals in China are a persistent—and gross—problem, the Guardian finds in a round-up of the country's recent food scandals. In Jiangsu province, 16 men have been handed hefty prison sentences for making and selling "poisonous and harmful" cooking oil... More »

Scandal in China: Rat Meat Sold as Lamb

Meat was allegedly covered in gelatin, red pigment, nitrates

(Newser) - Europeans freaking out about horse meat should take heart: It could be worse. Chinese authorities have taken down a crime ring accused of selling meat from a variety of animals—including rats, minks, and foxes—as lamb, in a scheme that raked in around $1.6 million, they announced yesterday.... More »

China Kept Tainted Milk Scare Secret for Year

Public wasn't notified after melamine-laced products found

(Newser) - China took nearly a year to close down a Shanghai dairy after authorities found contaminated milk in the latest melamine scare, according to state media. An investigation was launched several months ago, but it was kept secret until last week after the Shanghai Panda dairy was shut down and three... More »

China Recalls Milk in New Poison Scare

Melamine contamination feared in 7 provinces

(Newser) - China is recalling milk in a new melamine scare a year after thousands of infants were sickened by the poison that contaminated milk and infant formula. The recall so far is limited to products from a single Shanghai dairy. But it involves milk distributed throughout seven provinces amid renewed concerns... More »

4 Stories