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13 Reasons Warren Beatty Didn't Bed 13K Women

Biographer's hypothesis also doesn't take into account squash

(Newser) - When the Slate staff discussed the topic of Warren Beatty potentially sleeping with 12,775 women , as biographer Peter Biskind asserts, “most of the men present found Biskind's number preposterous. Several women, though, argued it might be feasible. Interpret that, dear reader, as you will,” writes Nathan Heller.... More »

Bio: Beatty Bedded 13K Women

Tally doesn't include daytime quickies, says author

(Newser) - Who knew such a thing was even possible? Warren Beatty, 72, can boast bedding a whopping 13,000 women, claims a new biography about the now presumably happily married pop of (at least) four children. The aging lothario slept with "12,775 women, give or take, a figure that... More »

2 Stories