Bow Wow

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Bow Wow Explains Private Jet Brouhaha, Sort Of

Rapper says it has to do with his upcoming reality show

(Newser) - Bow Wow sparked a viral meme Monday when he posted an Instagram photo appearing to imply he was about to travel on a private jet ... only to be outed on social media as having actually traveled commercial. And thus, the "Bow Wow Challenge" was born, in which social media... More »

Bow Wow's Mom Gets Way Too Twitter Happy

Rapper threatens to leave, but fans side with Teresa Caldwell

(Newser) - Celebrities really are just like us: They don’t want their moms humiliating them on Twitter, either. The mother of 22-year-old rapper Bow Wow recently joined the site and promptly began posting embarrassing comments about needing more “QT” with her son and wanting to get back together with her... More »

Bow Wow Drinks, Drives, Tweets

Rapper broadcasts bad behavior on Twitter

(Newser) - Bow Wow, you know you’ve hit a low point when Chris Brown is giving you advice. The rapper and Brown spent New Year’s Eve together—and Bow Wow allegedly got drunk, insisted on driving his Lamborghini, then Tweeted about it all the while. “Chris seemed like he... More »

3 Stories