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Yemen Votes to Oust Saleh

Abed Rabbo Mansour al-Hadi voted in as new president

(Newser) - Yemen came together after a year of unrest today, voting out President Ali Abdullah Saleh in favor of his former vice president, Abed Rabbo Mansour al-Hadi. The New York Times reports that turnout in the capital, Sanaa, appeared high and spirits were similarly high, despite the fact that the election... More »

Anti-Government Protests Spread to Yemen

Protesters invoke Tunisia, Egypt

(Newser) - Protests inspired by the Tunisia uprising are continuing to snowball in the Middle East: Tens of thousands rallied today in Yemen, in the largest by far of a recent wave of anti-government protests. Protesters gathered in the capital Sana'a, calling on President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down, the BBC... More »

US Student Held in Yemen Anti-Terror Sweep

30 foreigners with alleged al-Qaeda links nabbed

(Newser) - At least one American student is among dozens of foreigners who have been busted in Yemen for alleged links to al-Qaeda. More than 30 foreign nationals, including a Briton, an Australian, and several French citizens, were arrested after an anti-terror sweep over the last week, according to security officials. Most... More »

US to Reopen Yemen Mission on Tuesday

Move comes even as 6 explosives-laden trucks disappear

(Newser) - The US Embassy in Yemen will reopen Tuesday, State Department officials tell CNN tonight—even as local media report that security officials there have lost track of six explosives-laden trucks, driven by suspected terrorists, that were under surveillance as they entered the capital, Sana’a. “These reports have nothing... More »

4 Stories