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Stop Tax Preparer 'Pros' From Swindling the Poor

Too many fraudsters are exploiting poor clients, writes Alex Levy

(Newser) - Unethical tax preparers are getting rich preying on poor people in the US, and it's time Congress did something about it, writes NYU law student Alex Levy in the New York Times . Just four states—Oregon, California, New York, and Maryland—currently regulate preparers, meaning pretty much anyone can... More »

TurboTax Maker Fights to Keep It Harder to Do Taxes

Intuit has been lobbying against 'return-free filing': ProPublica

(Newser) - If only it were quicker, easier, and cheaper to prepare and file your taxes. Oh, wait—it could be. Denmark, Sweden, and Spain use a system in which the government pre-fills your tax returns using info from your employer and bank. You tweak whatever is incorrect and you're done,... More »

IRS Cracking Down on Tax Preparers

Preparers to be required to register, pass exam

(Newser) - The IRS has unveiled plans to regulate America's tax-preparation industry for the first time. Independent tax preparers and employees of tax-preparation firms will be required to register, pass a competency exam, and take 15 hours of classes a year. The move follows an IRS study that found many of the... More »

3 Stories