Chris Dodd retiring

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Democrats Must Find New Candidate for Dodd's Seat—Now

Don't wait for fallout from Vietnam lie; I'll be fatal

(Newser) - Richard Blumenthal, until yesterday the frontrunner for Chris Dodd's Connecticut Senate seat, is toast, and the sooner Democrats recognize it the better, Nate Silver writes. You may be able to cheat on your wife and get away with it, he argues at FiveThirtyEight , but you can't cheat on your Vietnam... More »

Maybe Dodd's Angling for 'Cushy Bank Job'

Senator's threats on Volcker rule insane, and bad politics

(Newser) - That Sen. Chris Dodd would sacrifice tighter regulations on big banks in the name of bipartisanship is so insane—and bad politics, to boot—that his threats on the so-called Volcker rule have Joe Klein wondering if the Connecticut Democrat “just wants a nice, cushy bank job after he... More »

Bank Risk Rules Could Die in Senate

Retiring Dodd wants GOP support, Obama be damned

(Newser) - President Obama’s plan to limit the amount of risk big US banks can take could well die in the Senate if the measure isn’t seen as bipartisan enough by Chris Dodd, the retiring Banking Committee chair, and Senate Republicans. “He wants to end his career with an... More »

Now Dodd Can Make a Real Difference

Lame duck can cut a deal with GOP on financial oversight

(Newser) - Sen. Chris Dodd’s decision not to seek reelection could make financial regulatory reform more likely while burnishing his own tainted legacy. Oddly, the route to legislative success for the historically Wall Street-connected Dodd would require him to back away from the more populist, pro-consumer stance he took when his... More »

Dems Desperately Seeking North Dakotan

Byron Dorgan's resignation leaves party in bind, writes Collins

(Newser) - Two senator retirements do not a Democratic crisis make—especially when Chris Dodd's stepping aside is actually great news for the party—but the party may have a dilemma in North Dakota, writes Gail Collins. Byron Dorgan's retirement has taken everybody by surprise. Unlike in Connecticut, nobody seems ready to... More »

Dodd: 'Toughest Political Shape of My Career'

Connecticut senator makes it official: He's retiring

(Newser) - Sen. Chris Dodd, saying he was in "the toughest political shape" of his career, made it official today and announced that he won't run for re-election in November. Speaking outside his home in East Haddam, Conn., Dodd says he's had a tough year. "I lost a beloved sister... More »

Loss of Dodd, Dorgan, Ritter Stings Democrats

North Dakota Senator the most devastating departure

(Newser) - Democrats are feeling sick to their stomachs today in the wake of the stunning announcements that Chris Dodd, Byron Dorgan, and Bill Ritter would all abandon their reelection bids. Dorgan is the real loss here, Politico reports; Republicans stand a strong chance of picking up the North Dakota senator’s... More »

Dodd to Join Ritter, Dorgan in Dem Exodus

Connecticut Dem second senator to eschew re-election bid in 24 hours

(Newser) - Embattled Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd plans to announce today that he will not seek re-election this year, ending a 30-year Senate career, according to Democratic sources. Dodd joins Sen. Byron Dorgan who announced his exit less than 24 hours ago, and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, expected to do the same... More »

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