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Wacky Winter Seen As Sign of Climate Change

Less ice means more moisture in air and more precipitation, study says

(Newser) - The severe winter weather affecting the United States is just another symptom of climate change and global warming, says a new report. The National Wildlife Federation study surmises that the unusual volume of precipitation this year is the result of more atmospheric moisture because the Great Lakes are “less... More »

Whatever Happened to Global Warming?

Sorry, folks, a cold snap doesn't reverse trend

(Newser) - Fox News is basking in this year's frigid winter because it apparently disproves global warming. "Yeah, that global warning thing is really kicking into high gear, isn't it?" sniggered Foxman Steve Doocy recently as he reported record lows across the nation. Dufus! "The ability to distinguish trends from... More »

2 Stories