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10 'Made in America' Items Still Actually Made Here

These iconic brands haven't moved their manufacturing out yet

(Newser) - Who says America is losing its touch? Well TheStreet did earlier this year, listing 10 iconic American brands now made overseas—like Levi's Jeans, Converse sneakers, and even American Girl dolls. But things aren't all bad, and it is Independence Day. So in the spirit of patriotism, TheStreet... More »

$6,400 Toilet Might Be a Little ... Much

It has great conveniences, but maybe too many gizmos: New York Times review

(Newser) - The New York Times enters the world of toilet reviews today, but this is no ordinary toilet. It's the ultra-luxury Numi from Kohler that costs $6,400 and brings hygienic extravagance to a new level. Shaped like a white rhombus, the Numi is controlled with a touch-screen remote that... More »

Google Applies to Buy, Sell Electricity

Search giant wants to tap the grid like a utility

(Newser) - Google has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for permission to become an “electricity marketer,” a designation that would allow it to buy and sell energy in bulk like a utility company. It’s an unorthodox move, but one Google says will help it power its sprawling operations... More »

3 Stories