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E-Readers Abound, But Market Looks Gloomy

Many believe the era of dedicated gadgets is almost over

(Newser) - This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has seen the unveiling of a raft of new e-readers, but the would-be Kindle and Nook competitors could have a hard go of it. First off, some are pretty pricey—that Plastic Logic Que will cost $649 without 3G, or $799 with an AT&... More »

Web-Worthy Computers Coming to Your Dashboard

Some block web surfing in motion, but some don't

(Newser) - Advances in computer chip technology have finally made web-connected dashboard computers possible in cars, to the delight of automakers and the horror of safety advocates. Chips used to draw too much power to make state-of-the-art car setups viable, but that’s changed, and this year’s CES has seen a... More »

Flying iPhone Drone Wows

Remote control quadricopter is a hit at preview event

(Newser) - One of the most buzzed-about time wasters from the upcoming CES tech convention so far is a flying drone that you control—and play games with—just by tilting your iPhone. Dubbed the “AR Drone,” this snazzy 18-inch quadricopter weighs just 11 ounces, and it’s equipped with... More »

Challengers to Apple Tablet Dominate CES

Microsoft, HP, Amazon, Lenovo launch preemptive strike

(Newser) - Denizens of the non-Apple world—Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, etc.—appear to be starting competition with the Mac-daddy’s rumored tablet computer before its expected unveiling later this month with a preemptive strike at the Consumer Electronics Show. But whatever the CES reveals, Apple is keeping mum. A look at... More »

4 Stories