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Another Toddler Served Booze

This time, Olive Garden is to blame

(Newser) - After learning that Applebee's served a 15-month-old boy a margarita last week, a Florida mother reveals Olive Garden served her 2-year-old son sangria last month. Jill VanHeest says she ordered orange juice for son Nikolai on March 31. When he started acting up and his eyes turned red and... More »

5 Booze Trends for the 2010s

Expect your cocktails to be herbal, matched with food, and cold

(Newser) - Absinthe and other speakeasy libations are so last decade. Now that craft cocktails are mainstream, what will the next 10 years bring to the hottest watering holes? Derek Brown of the Atlantic looks into his crystal ball:
  • Food pairings: They're not just for sommeliers anymore. "Expect to see cocktails
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2 Stories