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Enough With the Fruity Martinis

Martinis are about simplicity and sophistication, not... apples

(Newser) - Listen up yuppie bar-goers of America, this is the recipe for a martini: gin, dry vermouth, and maybe some olives or a lemon peel twist. That’s it. The apple-tinis, lemon-tinis, and prickly pear-tinis that young people have been quaffing in recent years just don’t sit well with NPR... More »

Jimmy Fallon Wipes Out During Vodka Race

Chelsea Handler wins, obviously

(Newser) - Jimmy Fallon and Chelsea Handler competed in a vodka martini race last night, and Handler won—after the Late Night host fell and cut his hand on a broken martini glass. "You made me bleed!" Fallon accused Handler, as she concluded, "This is an awful game. I... More »

5 Booze Trends for the 2010s

Expect your cocktails to be herbal, matched with food, and cold

(Newser) - Absinthe and other speakeasy libations are so last decade. Now that craft cocktails are mainstream, what will the next 10 years bring to the hottest watering holes? Derek Brown of the Atlantic looks into his crystal ball:
  • Food pairings: They're not just for sommeliers anymore. "Expect to see cocktails
... More »

3 Stories