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Ex-Cons Can't Keep Up With Migrant Farm Workers

Georgia's immigrant worker crackdown gives jobs to unemployed criminals

(Newser) - With farmers complaining that a crackdown on illegal immigrants has scared away their migrant workforce, authorities in Georgia are trying to see whether they can get unemployed ex-cons into the fields. The results so far are mixed at best after about a week. Mexican and Guatemalan workers will generally keep... More »

Ga. Governor to Farms: Hire Ex-Cons, Not Immigrants

One farmer says they're 'scared to death' of the idea

(Newser) - Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has a suggestion for all the farmers panicking over a new law cracking down on illegal immigrant labor: Hire ex-convicts instead. A state-commissioned survey this week showed that farmers expected to be short about 11,000 laborers thanks to the law, which requires businesses with 10... More »

Colbert (Briefly) Breaks Character in Testimony

'I like to talk about people who don't have any power'

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert mostly yucked it up during his congressional testimony today, but towards the end, Democrat Judy Chu actually got him to break his faux-pundit facade. After relating the story of a worker overcome by heat stroke, but unable to find medical help, she asked Colbert why he had chosen... More »

Mafia Linked to Italian Race Riots

Squalid conditions, poor pay tied to mobbed-up contractors

(Newser) - The Mafia is suspected of helping to spark Italy's worst race riots in years. More than 1,000 African workers in southern Italy were shipped to detention centers following weekend clashes sparked after a legal immigrant was wounded in a mystery pellet attack. Immigrants blamed racism for the shooting, and... More »

4 Stories