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Cold Weather May Trigger More Heart Attacks

Drop in air temps could be a risk for people with plaques in their arteries

(Newser) - When the temperature drops, the number of heart attacks goes up, according to a massive 16-year study of some 280,000 patients in Sweden. "There is seasonal variation in the occurrence of heart attack, with incidence declining in summer and peaking in winter," says the lead author in... More »

10 Coldest Cities in US

Fairbanks, Alaska comes out on top

(Newser) - If you're already tired of winter, you should probably steer clear of North Dakota. The state is home to three of the four coldest cities in the country, according to 24/7 Wall St . The site ranked US cities based on the minimum average temperature as well as record low... More »

Alaska's Frigid Rep Just Got Ridiculous

A month before winter starts, temps have already plunged to minus 24

(Newser) - Check out the forecast in Fairbanks, Alaska , for the next few days and you'll see a lot of minus signs. The northernmost state has been slammed with way-below-freezing weather more than a month before winter officially starts, and it could be dangerous if residents aren't careful. "With... More »

A 'Mini Ice Age' Is Coming—and Soon

Study predicts 60% fall in solar activity around 2030

(Newser) - In the words of the Starks , winter is coming—and it's going to be bad. Using a new model to forecast the sun's activity, scientists predict solar activity will fall by 60% in the 2030s to conditions not seen since a "mini ice age" in 1645. For... More »

You Don't Need to Warm Up Your Car in Winter

And it's costing us $5.9B per year

(Newser) - Warming up the car before hitting the road is a pervasive winter ritual, but it's a pointless exercise for most modern vehicles, the Washington Post reports. What's more, a 2009 study found that idling of all types accounts for 1.6% of the country's greenhouse gas emissions—... More »

Bundle Up: Polar Vortex Returns for an Encore

Frigid weather just won't let up

(Newser) - The wait for spring isn't getting any easier. The northern US is in for more Arctic chills, LiveScience reports. While it won't be the season's coldest weather in absolute terms, it could be the coldest compared to what's normal for this time of year, an expert... More »

Today's Storm: A 'Bombogenesis' Is Coming

Brace yourself, Northeast

(Newser) - Move over, polar vortex : The Northeast is prepping for a major snowstorm—what could be Washington, DC's biggest in three years. A look at what the region faces today:
  • Philadelphia: The Inquirer says a "bombogenesis" is coming this afternoon. What's that? "A rapidly intensifying storm."
... More »

Even Hell Has Frozen Over

Every US state saw freezing temperatures yesterday

(Newser) - Here's how cold it is: Hell has frozen over. OK, so we're talking about Hell, Mich., a small town 60 miles west of Detroit where temperatures have dropped as low as -4 degrees (or -27 when wind chill is considered), Time reports. In fact, at some point yesterday,... More »

'Life-Threatening' Cold Grips US

Atlanta now colder than Anchorage

(Newser) - A weather phenomenon called a "polar vortex" has tens of millions of Americans shivering in the lowest temperatures in nearly 40 years, and forecasters believe it's going to get colder until nearly half the country is in below-zero conditions by Wednesday.
  • "The coldest temperatures in almost two
... More »

Good News, America: We're in a 'Polar Vortex'

It is really cold in more than half the country

(Newser) - Baby, it's so cold outside that the AP is throwing around the term "polar vortex," which is apparently "a counterclockwise-rotating pool of cold, dense air"—and it's got more than half the US wrapped in its icy clutches. It's not going anywhere anytime... More »

Wind Chill Might Hit 70 Below in Parts of US

It's going to be brutally cold, especially in the Midwest

(Newser) - There's cold winter weather, and then there's the cold winter weather that's about to put the Midwest and much of the nation in a deep freeze tomorrow. As one meteorologist puts it: "All the ingredients are there for a near-record or historic cold outbreak. If you'... More »

Next Super Bowl May Not Have Halftime Show...

...because it could be too cold for one: report

(Newser) - Don't start placing bets on who will play next year's halftime show: There may not even be one. The next Super Bowl, set for New Jersey's Meadowlands stadium, will mark the first time the big game will be open to potentially frigid temps—and it may be... More »

'Dead of Winter' Arrives for US

Harsh temperatures set in across nation

(Newser) - If it finally feels like winter has arrived, well, that's because it has. We are, in fact, in the "dead of winter" now, NPR reports. But at least you're not in Langdon, North Dakota, where it felt like minus-51 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday thanks to wind chill. The... More »

Cuomo: Cold Will Make 'Tens of Thousands' Homeless

Could put 30K to 40K out on the street in NYC

(Newser) - Plummeting mercury will put "tens of thousands" of people out on the street, by way of making their unheated and storm-damaged homes uninhabitable, says New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. "It's going to become increasingly clear" that cold temperatures are going to force out residents who have thus... More »

Auckland Sees Snow for 1st Time in 80 Years

Other parts of New Zealand also affected for first time in decades

(Newser) - Downtown Auckland is seeing snow for the first time in 80 years today, as a "once in a lifetime" blast of winter weather hits New Zealand. "If Auckland is getting reports of snow flurries now at the warmest point of the day that makes you wonder about what... More »

Northeast Braces for Snow —as LA Battles Heat Wave

New England, upstate New York could get a foot

(Newser) - Mother Nature is planning an April Fool’s joke on the Northeast: Just as spring was beginning to bloom, a snowstorm is on its way, the AP reports. It’s expected to arrive tonight and continue into the morning, pounding some areas—including New England, eastern New York, and northwestern... More »

How to Not Kill Yourself While Shoveling Snow

There are some tips, but the bottom line is ... have someone else do it

(Newser) - If you live in America, there’s a good chance you’re shoveling snow today—or will be soon—but beware: The dreaded chore can actually kill you . How to avoid such a tragic fate? Well, for starters, keep your per-shovel load to 24 pounds or less. Beyond that, however,... More »

Woman Freezes to Death in Driveway in Northeast Chill

In parts of New England, it may feel like 50 below

(Newser) - New England has been hit with a blast of winter cold from Canada so severe that at least two people have died, including one woman whose frozen body was found in a driveway in Connecticut, the AP reports. She apparently fell Saturday night and froze while temperatures were near zero;... More »

As DC Digs Out, a Surreal Feel

Snowball fights, skiers roam deserted streets of 'Epcot Center version' of city

(Newser) - The flakes have stopped falling, but residents in the Mid-Atlantic region were faced today with the prospect of digging out of more than two feet of snow in some areas. Roads reopened but officials continued to warn residents that highways could be treacherous. Hundreds of thousands of people from Pennsylvania... More »

Blame El Niño for Recent Storms

Strongest warm-water phenomenon in a decade drenches coasts

(Newser) - The strongest El Niño in more than a decade is the culprit behind the wretched weather bombarding much of the country this winter, from the snowstorms that buried the mid-Atlantic states in December to the rains that drenched California last month. “Ocean temperatures are somewhere upwards of two... More »

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