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Kim Jong Un Ditches the Cane

Appeared in public without it in latest show of strength

(Newser) - What with his nation's recent naval triumphs and Ebola crackdown , Kim Jong Un is a busy guy. So North Korea watchers can rest easier knowing that Kim is apparently back on his own two feet. As Bloomberg reports via state media ( pictures here ), the strongman appeared in... More »

Kim Jong Un Is Back—but Why the Cane?

AP points out Kim Jong Il never appeared in public with one

(Newser) - Let one line of speculation end and another begin: After not being seen in public for 40 days, Kim Jong Un is back . But he appeared in images released by state media with a cane in hand, leading to a fresh mystery: Why? As far as North Korea's leaders... More »

Airports Catch Seniors Carrying Swords in Canes

Elderly frequently transport weapons without knowing it

(Newser) - It may sound ridiculous, but swords hidden inside of canes are a disturbingly common problem for airport security. They’re almost always carried by elderly individuals more interested in walking than in stabbing, and the sword-wielding seniors generally profess to have been utterly unaware that they were carrying weapons, the... More »

3 Stories