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Google Patents 'Street View' Walking Sticks

Soon, hikers might be helping map the world as they walk

(Newser) - First, there were Google Street View cars. But cars can't go everywhere, so next came Google's Trekker, a big contraption worn like a backpack that snaps photos off the beaten path. What's next? Think smaller. GeekWire reports that the company just scored a new patent : "It’... More »

Airports Catch Seniors Carrying Swords in Canes

Elderly frequently transport weapons without knowing it

(Newser) - It may sound ridiculous, but swords hidden inside of canes are a disturbingly common problem for airport security. They’re almost always carried by elderly individuals more interested in walking than in stabbing, and the sword-wielding seniors generally profess to have been utterly unaware that they were carrying weapons, the... More »

2 Stories