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Avatar Racist? They're Aliens, Not Black

Donna Britt sees Cameron flick as an 'indictment of intolerance'

(Newser) - For all those who crow that Avatar is racist, a simple fact “bears repeating,” Donna Britt writes. “The Na'vi are aliens. Not black.” Far from being racist, the “movie is an indictment of intolerance,” intended to “portray the ugliness of technologically advanced cultures... More »

Critics Slam 'White Messiah' Avatar as Racist

Director accused of perpetuating colonial stereotypes

(Newser) - Avatar employs cutting-edge technology but its storyline is outdated and racist, say critics outraged on behalf of the movie's fictional race of blue-skinned aliens. By having a white American rescue the race, it perpetrates the "white Messiah" myth and suggests non-whites can't help themselves, say critics, including David Brooks... More »

2 Stories