Menendez brothers

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New Law & Order Series Features Menendez Case

Notorious '90s case will be back in the spotlight

(Newser) - The sensational trials of the '90s have rolled back around faster than some of the era's fashions. Parent-killing rich kids Lyle and Erik Menendez will be in the spotlight once again in a new Law & Order series that the Los Angeles Times describes as NBC's attempt... More »

Rich Kids Who Went Terribly Wrong

From John Hinckley to Abdulmutallab, sometimes privilege corrupts

(Newser) - Being born with a silver spoon doesn't automatically make you a golden child—or adult. Newsweek takes a look at children of privilege who took an extremely sharp turn away from very-well-to-do families and toward lives of terrorism and murder:
  • Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab: The son of one of the wealthiest
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2 Stories