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'Doomsday Clock' Jumps 2 Minutes

Scientists say it's now 3 minutes before midnight

(Newser) - The Doomsday Clock may not have moved last year , but today it made up for it: The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announced that the clock jumped ahead two minutes and now stands at three minutes before midnight, reports Mashable . "Midnight," of course, being the end of civilization. The... More »

Doomsday Is 1 Minute Closer

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moves up its famous clock

(Newser) - The apocalypse is a smidge closer today: The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved its Doomsday Clock from 11:54 to 11:55, reports USA Today . The symbolic clock has been in place since 1947 and now factors in climate change along with nuclear proliferation. We're still a few ticks... More »

'Doomsday Clock' Set Back 1 Minute

Scientists see progress on nukes, climate change

(Newser) - The infamous Doomsday Clock, a symbolic representation of the threat of the world's "catastrophic destruction," was set back one minute today. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists reset the clock from 5 to 6 minutes to midnight, reflecting small but encouraging progress on the twin threats the scientists see... More »

'Doomsday Clock' Changes Thursday

Which way unknown, but move will be streamed live online

(Newser) - The hands of the Doomsday Clock, which the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists maintains to represent the severity of nuclear catastrophe, will move this Thursday. In which direction, no one knows, but for the first time everyone can watch the change here during the announcement at 10am EST. More »

4 Stories