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Hey, Baseball, It's Time to Ban Chewing Tobacco

Let Tony Gwynn's death be the last reminder we need: Ernie Palladino

(Newser) - Baseball great Tony Gwynn is dead at age 54 from cancer that he blamed on his years-long habit of chewing tobacco. While the number of big-leaguers that use the stuff is dropping, about 1 in 3 are still in the habit, reports USA Today , citing stats from the Pro Baseball... More »

Time for MLB to Ditch the Dip

Players setting bad example, writes ex-Mets' manager Bobby Valentine

(Newser) - Baseball’s Opening Day means “hope and excitement,” but it also means the return of a “blot on our sport”: chewing tobacco on the field, writes Bobby Valentine. “For many of us, it is simply part of the sport,” but the MLB—and those who... More »

Why Can't We Tell the Truth About Snuff?

It's safer, but the government won't let manufacturers tell you that.

(Newser) - Chewing tobacco has its share of health risks, but it’s 10 to 1,000 times safer than cigarettes, according to one British Royal College of Physicians report. The reason is obvious: chewers are not actually inhaling smoke into their lungs. “The Royal College of Physicians can tell you... More »

3 Stories