Google China attack

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China Warns Google: Stop Being 'Political Tool'

Business could suffer, editorial threatens

(Newser) - China is not happy with Google. A front-page editorial in a Communist party newspaper accuses the search giant of "trying to provoke a new dispute between China and the US" through its suggestions that recent Gmail hacking attacks on US officials originated in China. "Google should not become... More »

China: Blaming Us for Google Hack 'Unacceptable'

Beijing rejects notion it was involved in phishing campaign

(Newser) - China has rejected the notion that it was involved in a phishing campaign that hacked into the Gmail accounts of US government officials and Chinese activists, the BBC and the Telegraph report today. Google yesterday claimed the campaign originated in Jinan , although it did not directly blame the Chinese government.... More »

Facebook Looking for Way Into China: Report

Social networking site currently censored there, but in talk with partners

(Newser) - Facebook is in talks with would-be partners about ways it could gain access to the millions of Chinese people just dying to friend someone. The talks are in preliminary stages, and might not amount to anything, sources tell Bloomberg . Right now, Facebook is censored in China, as are Twitter, YouTube,... More »

Google Screwed Up China Standoff

Search giant should have been lower-key about conflict

(Newser) - Google’s decision to lock horns with China over censorship “may go down as one of the worst in the company’s history,” writes Henry Blodget of Business Insider . Google made a media spectacle out of the whole thing, giving China no way to compromise without losing face.... More »

China Renews Google's License

Compromise over Hong Kong site keeps site active

(Newser) - China has renewed Google’s license to operate a commercial website there, despite the company’s clashes with Beijing over censorship, Google announced today. To get the renewal, Google had to agree to stop redirecting web surfers from its Chinese page,, to its uncensored Hong Kong page. Google... More »

Tough-Guy China Shows Weakness in Google Fight

Beijing reveals its insecurity in its hard stance

(Newser) - If you want to understand why China took such a hard stance on Google, listen to the lesson of Sun Tzu. Once, the great strategist held a military demonstration using palace concubines for soldiers. When the women didn’t take it seriously, he beheaded two of them. After that, the... More »

China Partially Blocks Google's Hong Kong Site

Cell phone companies drop Google deals under pressure from Beijing

(Newser) - China fought back Google’s assault on the Great Firewall today, blocking any questionable content from Google’s Hong Kong site, and putting the screws on Google’s other operations. Google is currently redirecting mainland Chinese users to its uncensored Hong Kong site, but the government has stepped in to... More »

Google Shutters China Search Operation

Move to Hong Kong sidesteps censorship requirement

(Newser) - Unable to operate within China's stringent censorship regulations, Google will move its search operation to Hong Kong, retaining sales and R&D offices on the mainland. "The Chinese government has been crystal clear throughout our discussions that self-censorship is a non-negotiable legal requirement," the company said today. The... More »

Chinese People Dread Losing Google

Activists at once support search giant and feel betrayed

(Newser) - Google’s seemingly inevitable exit from China will have a profound effect on its people, with many saying they support the search giant’s stand yet feel abandoned. One human rights activist brought flowers to Google headquarters, as both a sign of support and a kind of funeral bouquet. “... More »

Google Appears to Defy Chinese Censorship Laws

Sites about Tiananmen Square are now accessible

(Newser) - Google appears to have quietly stopped filtering from its Chinese search engine, a staggering defiance of the powers that be in Beijing. Though the search giant denies changing its policy, NBC reporters in China have been able to access previously verboten sites relating to Tibet, the Xinjiang independence movement, and... More »

Google All But Certain to Close China Site

Beijing won't bend censorship requirements

(Newser) - Having lost its showdown with the Chinese government, Google is poised to close its Chinese search site, rather than continue to censor results. The company will likely take action within weeks, a source familiar with the situation tells the Wall Street Journal . When it does, China will prevent local news... More »

China Schools Seen Behind Cyberattacks on Google

One has ties to military, insiders say

(Newser) - Cyberattacks on Google and other US companies came from two Chinese schools—including one with ties to the country’s military, sources close to the investigation tell the New York Times . Tracing the incidents that far is something of a breakthrough, as experts—including those from the National Security Agency—... More »

Google Teams With NSA to Fight Cyberattacks

Deal shows challenge of balancing user privacy with security

(Newser) - Shaken by recent large-scale hacking of its systems, Google is enlisting the National Security Agency in a deal that highlights the growing dilemma of balancing privacy concerns with national security interests. The agreement, the first of its kind between a government agency and an Internet search company, will see the... More »

Google Wants to Stay in China: CEO

Search giant objects to 'censorship,' continues push for change

(Newser) - Google's CEO doesn’t see the company’s run-in with the Chinese government over a suspicious cyberattack means an end to their relationship. "We just don't like censorship," Eric Schmidt said at a World Economic Forum summit today. He said the company is optimistic about effecting change from... More »

Google, YouTube Knockoffs Hit China

Chinese government to face Google—and Goojje

(Newser) - In a country famous for fake name-brand products, Goojje and YouTubecn may be the highest-profile imitations yet. As China battles it out with the real Google, knockoffs of both Google and YouTube have emerged on China's Internet. There's been no official response yet to the sites, but experts don't expect... More »

Clinton Pushes China to Probe Google Attacks

Criticizes regimes for hindering 'freedom to connect' on Internet

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton called today for China to investigate recent cyberattacks on Google, and included that country’s communist regime on a list of nations hindering their citizens’ fundamental “freedom to connect” on the Internet. “Countries that restrict free access to information or violate the basic rights of Internet... More »

Chinese: Google Flap Is a US Conspiracy

But government tries to tamp down drama

(Newser) - Google is a puppet of US foreign policy, Chinese state-owned media are reporting, calling the company's threat to pull out of China unless censorship is dropped a conspiracy by the US government to interfere in Chinese politics. One paper quotes a political scientist saying, "the Google incident is not... More »

Google Scraps China Phone Launch

And Chinese fire back in dispute over censorship

(Newser) - Google has canceled tomorrow's launch of its mobile phone in China, a casualty of the company's standoff with the government over Internet censorship and hacking. A Google spokeswoman wouldn’t comment on the postponement, but it comes the same day the Chinese government made its first comment on Google’s... More »

Common Misperceptions About the China-Google Spat

Google has failed? Only if tripling market share means failure

(Newser) - With misinformation flying about the Google-China spat, Sky Canaves clears up some of the larger points for the Wall Street Journal :
  • Google has failed in China: Only if you consider boosting its market share from 13% to 36%, and while “Google doesn’t say if it’s profitable in
... More »

Chinese Cyberspying Targets Stanford Student's Gmail

Google can't find breach of Tibetan human rights activist's laptop

(Newser) - A Tibetan human rights proponent and Stanford undergrad is the first activist identified as a target of the recent Chinese cyberattack on Google. “That the long arm of Chinese security could reach all the way to my home here at Stanford is something I never would have suspected,”... More »

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