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Video Games Not to Blame for Navy Yard Shootings

Let's focus on the gun shooter always carried: Alexander Abad-Santos

(Newser) - Not surprisingly, quite a few media outlets were quick to trot out the familiar old "mass shooter played violent video games" articles in the wake of the Navy Yard shootings in Washington. But the idea that video games are to blame for real-life violence is a "toxic notion,... More »

Biden to Huddle With Video Game Industry Today

No word on whether games will be in recommendations he sends to prez

(Newser) - Leading video game industry reps will today meet with Joe Biden, who has announced he will send the White House's gun violence task force's recommendations to the president by Tuesday , reports the Hill . Among those in attendance will be the CEO of lobbying group the Entertainment Software Association,... More »

Is Hollywood to Blame for Newtown?

Many in the media say yes, but not all agree

(Newser) - Everyone's talking about the need for gun control and mental health treatment in the wake of the Newtown school shooting, and Peggy Noonan is on board with reform in both areas. But there's a third area she thinks sorely needs to be addressed: "our national culture ... of... More »

Supreme Court Strikes Down Violent Video Game Ban

California law banned sale of violent games to minors

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today struck down California’s never-enacted ban on selling or renting violent video games to minors, ruling that it violated the First Amendment. It was a 7-2 decision, with only Clarence Thomas and Stephen Breyer dissenting, Joystiq reports. “Like the protected books, plays, and movies that... More »

Cops: Vietnam Girl Is Killed for Online Game Money

Teen boy allegedly stole 7-year-old neighbor's earrings

(Newser) - A Vietnamese teenager who allegedly killed his 7-year-old neighbor to steal her gold earrings to pay for computer games has been arrested. The 15-year-old was taken into custody a day after he allegedly beat the girl's head with rocks and fled with her earrings. The girl died of brain... More »

Bin Laden Compound Debuts in Video Games

New level in 'Counter-Strike: Source' lets you roam Abbottabad

(Newser) - Wish you could have been there for the raid of Osama bin Laden's hideout? Now you can—virtually, anyway. An independent developer has released a level for the popular first-person shooter video game "Counter-Strike: Source" that is based on photographs of the Abbottabad compound. "I can see... More »

Violent Video Games Harmless

Study finds no adverse affects on behavior for 'vast majority'

(Newser) - The majority of teenagers can play violent video games without becoming more violent or antisocial themselves, a new study has found. Texas A&M researchers analyzing a group of teens found that only individuals already prone to antisocial behavior would show increased hostility after playing a violent game, CNET reports.... More »

Violent Video Games Get Supreme Court Date

State wants to ban sale, rental of violent games to minors

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today agreed to hear a case that will determine whether California can regulate violent video games. The court will review a lower court's decision to throw out the state's ban on the sale or rental of violent games to minors; the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in... More »

Gaming Worse for Kids Than Porn: Ron Jeremy

Famed porn star's 'ignorance' upsets baffled techie gathering

(Newser) - If there’s anything odder than legendary porn star Ron Jeremy showing up the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s said legendary porn star pooh-poohing one of the sacred cows of the people he was talking to. CES coincided with the Adult Entertainment Expo, and Jeremy wandered over to participate in... More »

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