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Among the Mexico City Earthquake Victims: 21 Schoolkids

Toll tops 200 in country's strongest quake in decades

(Newser) - Rescue operations are ongoing in Mexico, where authorities say the death toll from Tuesday's devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake has risen to at least 224. The victims include at least 21 children and four adults killed in the collapse of the Enrique Rabsamen primary school in Mexico City's... More »

Baby Rescued 4 Days After Kenya Building Collapse

Bright spot after disaster that's killed nearly two dozen so far

(Newser) - At least 23 people are reported dead after an unapproved building collapsed Friday in Nairobi, Kenya, per the Star , but the Kenya Red Cross offered a bit of hope early Tuesday. "Good news! A child aged about one and half years rescued alive at 0400 hours," the organization... More »

Building Explosion Rocks Manhattan

At least 3 critically injured in East Village

(Newser) - A massive explosion and fire leveled a building in the East Village of Manhattan this afternoon, with at least three people critically injured. Several others had lesser injuries after the blast at the five-story building near Second Avenue and Seventh Street. Investigators think a gas leak inside a ground-floor restaurant... More »

Hoarder Dies When First Floor Collapses

Conn. woman buried under junk she collected

(Newser) - A Connecticut woman died under the junk she had spent many years amassing when the weight of it all caused her home's first floor to collapse. Police found the body of 66-year-old Beverly Mitchell on Saturday after a letter carrier warned that mail had been piling up at her... More »

Cliff-Dangling Texas Mansion to Be Torched

Homeowner discovers insurance doesn't cover situation

(Newser) - What's worse than having your luxury home fall into a lake? How about having your home fall into a lake and then having to pay for an expensive cleanup using specialized barges? To avoid this fate, the owners of a Texas home on the verge of toppling into Lake... More »

Luxury Home Dangles Off Texas Cliff

Homeowner discovered limestone crack in April

(Newser) - A $700,000 luxury home with stunning views of Lake Whitney is on the verge of getting a view of the bottom of the Texas lake. A large part of the limestone bluff beneath the home has given way, leaving part of it dangling over a cliff, CBS reports. Army... More »

42 Dead in Mumbai Building Collapse

33 pulled out of wreckage alive

(Newser) - The death toll in the collapse of a multi-story residential building in Mumbai, India, yesterday has risen to 42. Another 33 have been pulled from the wreckage alive, though some are seriously injured, reports the BBC . One young girl was found alive after 12 hours under the rubble. Between 83... More »

Philly Building Collapses, Explosion Suspected

Six reportedly injured

(Newser) - At least six people were reportedly injured in south Philadelphia today, after a home collapsed after a possible explosion, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Police say reports of the blast came at about 11am, but according to Reuters they would not confirm the number of people injured, nor have they commented... More »

US to Drop Cushy Trade Deal for Bangladesh

But move to punish poor worker safety is largely symbolic

(Newser) - In the wake of the deadliest garment industry disaster in history , the Obama administration plans to suspend Bangladesh's preferential trade treatment, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . The US currently has a "global system of preferences" that exempts certain developing countries from tariffs, including Bangladesh. Nine Senate democrats... More »

Inspector in Philly Collapse Commits Suicide

Man found in pickup truck with gunshot to chest

(Newser) - The man who inspected a Philadelphia building three weeks before it collapsed last week, killing six and injuring 13, has died in an apparent suicide. The 52-year-old, whose name has not been released, inspected the building several times and ruled it safe after a complaint was lodged last month, reports... More »

Apartment Building Collapses in Mumbai

At least one woman has died

(Newser) - Half of a five-story apartment building collapsed in Mumbai today, killing at least one elderly woman and injuring four others, the AFP reports. At least 20 more are believed to be trapped in the rubble. "Rescue operations are on, but they are difficult due to the heavy rain,"... More »

Police Arrest Crane Operator in Philadelphia Collapse

Faces charges of involuntary manslaughter in deadly building accident

(Newser) - Sean Benschop, the crane operator behind the stick in the Philadelphia building collapse that killed six and injured 14 this week, turned himself in to police today after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Benschop— who may have been high at the time of the accident —will be... More »

Philly Crane Operator Was on Drugs: Reports

42-year-old expected to be charged with involuntary manslaughter

(Newser) - The crane operator at the controls in Philadelphia's deadly building collapse shouldn't have been anywhere near a crane, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer . It cites a toxicology report showing 42-year-old Sean Benschop had enough marijuana in his system to render him "unfit to perform safety-sensitive, job-related duties."... More »

Judge: Don't Touch Philly Collapse Site

Women injured in the incident want to sue

(Newser) - A Philadelphia judge has ordered the site of this week's horrific building collapse preserved, so that experts can comb it for evidence. And the city should keep any debris removed from the site available for inspection as well, the judge said. The order comes in response to an emergency... More »

Woman, 61, Found Alive in Philly Rubble

Demolition contractor pleaded guilty to fake auto accident

(Newser) - Rescue work is continuing at the site of a collapsed Philadelphia building , and another person has been saved. Twelve hours after the collapse, rescuers pulled Myra Plekam, 61, from the debris. She was awake and talking; now she's in the hospital in critical condition, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Meanwhile,... More »

6 Now Dead in Philadelphia Building Collapse

Death toll rises

(Newser) - Five more bodies have been pulled from the rubble of today's building collapse in downtown Philadelphia, bringing the death toll to six, reports AP . The collapse happened when a building under demolition unexpectedly came crashing down this morning, destroying an adjoining Salvation Army thrift shop and crushing some who... More »

Toss Bangladesh Factory Owner in Jail for Life: Gov't

Government report cites reasons for collapse

(Newser) - The owner of the Bangladesh factory whose collapse killed some 1,100 people deserves life in prison if found guilty of code violations, a government committee says. Sohel Rana "used extremely poor quality iron rods and cement," says the head of the committee, whose report details the reasons... More »

As Recovery Ends, Bangladesh Offers Prayer to 1,127 Victims

Army says there are no more bodies to be found in rubble

(Newser) - A mass prayer was held today to honor the victims of the garment industry's worst-ever disaster after the military officially ended recovery efforts at the site of the Dhaka building collapse . After 20 days of digging, the death toll stands at 1,127, with 2,438 rescued alive and... More »

Worker Walkout Closes Hundreds of Factories in Bangladesh

Meanwhile, clothing companies vow to improve safety in the country

(Newser) - Bangladesh's entire renowned garment manufacturing hub has been shut down indefinitely, after 80% of its workers walked off the job. The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association announced its decision to close the almost 500 factories in the Ashulia industrial zone "to ensure the security of our factories,... More »

'I Never Dreamed I'd See Daylight Again'

How a woman survived 17 days under factory rubble in Bangladesh

(Newser) - When the factory came crashing down around her, seamstress Reshma Begum ran from the second floor, where she was working, to a Muslim prayer room in the basement. When the rubble had stopped falling she found herself alive and miraculously uninjured, but trapped in a wide pocket of open space.... More »

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