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Death Toll Passes 200K: PM

300K more injured, Jean-Max Bellerive says

(Newser) - The death toll in Haiti’s Jan. 12 earthquake has passed 200,000, the nation’s prime minister says, calling the temblor “a disaster on a planetary scale.” Jean-Max Bellerive tells AFP that some 300,000 more are injured, 250,000 homes and 30,000 businesses lost—and... More »

Haiti Fears Organ Trafficking

Children, adults being targeted: prime minister

(Newser) - Not only child traffickers but also human organ traffickers are targeting Haiti, Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive tells CNN . "There is organ trafficking for children and other persons also, because they need all types of organs," he said. Bellerive gave no further details during the interview, instead rejecting criticism... More »

Haiti Slows Adoptions Amid Trafficking Fears

Prime minister will now personally approve transfer of any child

(Newser) - Haiti is dramatically slowing airlifts and adoption proceedings for Haitian orphans out of fear of human trafficking. Adoptions were fast-tracked after the recent quake to make room in orphanages, but now the government is concerned that children with living family may be sent abroad or scooped up by traffickers and... More »

At Summit, World Leaders Pledge to Help Haiti Rebuild

Gathering sees cooperation, reluctance to address endemic problems

(Newser) - World leaders at an international summit in Montreal today agreed that rebuilding Haiti will take decades. In fact, "rebuilding" is hardly the word—if successful, the state envisioned by envoys to the conference will bear little resemblance to pre-earthquake Haiti. Canadian PM Stephen Harper said the world community must... More »

Hundreds of Thousands Feared Dead in Haiti

Haitian senator says toll could be 500K, but admits no one knows

(Newser) - Haiti's prime minister says several hundred thousand could have perished in yesterday’s earthquake. “I hope that is not true, because I hope the people had the time to get out,” Jean-Max Bellerive tells CNN . He said it was difficult to discern where the masses crowding the streets... More »

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