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Big Changes at Gawker

Popular site will switch gears to focus on politics

(Newser) - Big changes are afoot at a major online media empire. On Tuesday a memo to staff announced Gawker—founded in 2003 to cover New York and the media—will now be a political website, the New York Times reports. “[Gawker] will ride the circus of the 2016 campaign cycle,... More »

Facebook Instant Articles: a 'Tectonic Shift' in News?

'New York Times' and others can post instant-loading stories onto news feeds

(Newser) - Facebook rolled out a new mobile feature today called Instant Articles , one that a blogger at the Verge calls a "turning point in the evolution of the news." The feature lets publishing companies that have partnered with Facebook post stories onto news feeds that load instantly—a far... More »

How the Internet Ruined the Onion

Farhad Manjoo isn't a fan of the site's new arch, digital-first, viral model

(Newser) - Once upon a time, an entire year ago, the Onion was a quaint, weekly newspaper, publishing only the very best fake news. Lately, that's all changed. Readers may have noticed the site getting a lot more biting, a lot more timely, and, to some Slate columnists , a lot less... More »

Newsweek Ending Print Edition

Last print issue on stands December 31

(Newser) - Newsweek is canning its iconic print edition and going completely digital at the beginning of 2013, according to a not-entirely-shocking memo to staff from Tina Brown, who has served as editor-in-chief of both Newsweek and the Daily Beast since the companies merged . Brown cited a "tipping point at which... More »

Spin Magazine Sold to Buzzmedia

Will expand presence of alt-rock mag online, but print fate unclear

(Newser) - A big change for Spin Media, which has been printing alternative-music magazine Spin for 27 years: It's been sold to Buzzmedia, a Web presence including such music and celebrity blogs as Stereogum, Idolator, and Celebuzz—as well as sites for Kim Kardashian and other such boldface names. Buzzmedia acquired... More »

Journos Outraged as Slate Axes Jack Shafer

Co-founder is one of 4 staffers let go

(Newser) - Slate co-founder Jack Shafer, who has been with the online magazine since before its official launch in 1996, is being laid off, it was announced yesterday. The media critic is one of four staff members being let go; Timothy Noah , June Thomas , and Juliet Lapidos are the others, reports the... More »

FCC Honcho: Comcast Can Only Buy NBC if It Shares

Commission aims to block media stranglehold

(Newser) - Comcast should only be able to go through with its plans to buy NBC Universal if it's willing to share the media giant’s content with its competitors, according to Julius Genachowski. The FCC chairman gave his conditional approval for the merger last week, proposing a set of rules that... More »

Where to Get Your Five-Ringed Fix Online

From NBC's site to Twitter lists, little need for actual TV

(Newser) - With watching the Olympics on actual TV being so, like, 2008, TechCrunch presents the best places to keep tabs online:
  • NBC Olympics : Lots of scores and news—and if you’re a premium cable customer, 400 hours of live events.
  • Vancouver 2010 : The host committee’s site has the usual
... More »

Google Offers to Limit News Access

Users would have to pay after 5 clicks through from Google

(Newser) - In a bid to placate struggling media companies but keep content in search results, Google has offered publishers a program that limits users to five free articles a day. A user who clicks through from Google to the same news source more than five times a day would be automatically... More »

Changes Afoot for Hollywood Trade Pubs

Variety to charge for online content; THR will move to web

(Newser) - Variety will go back behind a pay wall next year, less than 2 years after tearing down its old one, the Los Angeles Times reports. will be open only to print or online subscribers, just as it was before February 2007. “Everyone thought then that if you... More »

New Fashion Mag Takes Web by Storm

User-generated content brings visitors; next step: profit

(Newser) - The newest magazine to make a splash in the fashion world isn’t sold in stores, but it is a head-turner. Online-only Polyvore lets users act as fashion editors, putting together “sets” of clothing and accessories other users can then click to purchase. The site is growing in popularity... More »

Gawker Catches HuffPo Falling for Hoax

Arianna must be thrilled, Gawker blogger muses

(Newser) - An airport in Central Park? Sounds ridiculous, but the Huffington Post fell for it yesterday—much to the delight and amusement of Gawker. HuffPo ran a satirical story on its homepage last night (caught in a screenshot by Gawker before it was removed) with what appeared to be a straight... More »

Quincy Jones Wants Vibe Back—Online

'They just messed my magazine all up,' former owner says

(Newser) - Don’t count out Vibe, Quincy Jones tells Ebony. Despite this week's announced end to its print edition, Jones says the hip-hop publication he founded 16 years ago will continue online. “I’m trying to buy my magazine back now,” Jones said. “They just messed my magazine... More »

Anderson vs. Gladwell: The Battle Over Free

Anderson's new book sets off old-school journalists' feud

(Newser) - Chris Anderson's new book, Free, examining the repercussions the Internet trend of bringing costs to zero, triggered a mini-war with Malcolm Gladwell, who lambasted him for arguing that "the New York Times should be staffed by volunteers, like Meals on Wheels." In the London Times, Antonia Senior does... More »

One-Stop Web Portal Thinks It Can Save Newspapers

Group thinks consumers will be willing to pay for one-stop web portal

(Newser) - A web portal planned by some top media execs may be the way forward for beleagured newspapers. Journalism Online would act as a “one-stop shop” for pay content, writes Nate Anderson for Ars Technica. Consumers could buy subscriptions to many newspapers at low prices, and with a sliding scale... More »

Obama Dog Scoop Proves TMZ's a DC Player

(Newser) - When TMZ got the poop on the Obamas' new dog, it sent a message to Washington: The celebrity gossip site has arrived. TMZ, co-owned by AOL, has scored exclusives before—like the photo of Rihanna’s bruised face and the report of Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic rant—but Bo's arrival... More »

CBS News: Is the Future of News Newser?

(Newser) - Political correspondent Jeff Greenfield examined what he called "the demise of the great metropolitan daily" on CBS News this morning, wondering what will replace it. The answer: Newser, among other online sources. "It is potentially an incredibly good time," said Newser founder Michael Wolff. "We have... More »

Why Obama's Everywhere You Look, Listen, Read

President looks to get past media filter

(Newser) - When it came to getting past what he called “the media filter,” President Bush’s favorite strategy was to go around it. President Obama’s style is more to go over, under, around, and through, courting both the new and mainstream media in an effort to communicate directly... More »

At Times, Web Geeks Grab at Future, Keep Grip on Past

Team aims to keep it the organization 'of record' even as print product sees its obits

(Newser) - There’s a quiet revolution going on at the New York Times, hiding behind all the print-journalism doom and gloom, New York reports. Since 2007, a team of “developers-slash-journalists” has been collaborating with reporters and editors to create interactive web features—like the trippy Election Day Word Train, which... More »

Print Times Not Quite Dead, But Hope Lies in Its Ashes

Journalism faces a challenge, but hardly a disaster

(Newser) - We know it’s coming, that day when print newspapers cease to exist, but it won’t be this year, right? Maybe, maybe not, Michael Hirschorn writes in the Atlantic, and it wouldn’t necessarily be a disaster. The New York Times is in trouble—it could default on $400... More »

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