Haiti earthquake damage

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Haiti Quake Caused $14B in Damage: Study

Natural disaster one of worst ever, compared to size of country

(Newser) - Haiti’s earthquake caused up to $14 billion in damages, or 117% of Haiti’s annual economic output, according to a new study from the Inter-American Development Bank. That makes it the most costly natural disaster since World War II, relative to the size and economy of the affected country.... More »

One Island, Two Faults Adds Up to Trouble Ahead

Geologists keeping a worried eye on the Haiti-Dominican Republic hot zone

(Newser) - Haiti's devastating earthquake came as a shock to most non-geologists, but the Caribbean is one of the most seismically active areas in the world. The Caribbean plate is squeezed between two larger plates, the North American and South American, creating loaded fault lines. Haiti's quake was along the Enriquillo line—... More »

At Summit, World Leaders Pledge to Help Haiti Rebuild

Gathering sees cooperation, reluctance to address endemic problems

(Newser) - World leaders at an international summit in Montreal today agreed that rebuilding Haiti will take decades. In fact, "rebuilding" is hardly the word—if successful, the state envisioned by envoys to the conference will bear little resemblance to pre-earthquake Haiti. Canadian PM Stephen Harper said the world community must... More »

Aid Reaches More Survivors

Now, hundreds of thousands need relocation

(Newser) - Improved logistics are allowing relief teams to deliver aid to an increasing number of victims in Port-Au-Prince and other areas of Haiti affected by the deadly earthquake. Given the time that has passed since the quake, disaster teams are switching their focus from search and rescue operations to relocation for... More »

Clinton, Investors Work On 'Marshall Plan' for Haiti

They're trying to create 'composite plan' to rebuild the nation

(Newser) - Bill Clinton and Ireland's Denis O'Brien—Haiti's biggest foreign investor—are collaborating on a "Marshall Plan" for the nation. The leader of Irish telecom Digicel urged companies to re-invest in the earthquake-stricken nation. "Obviously we need foreign direct investment, but on a wider front we need a Marshall... More »

As Time Wanes for Haiti Rescue, Aid Efforts Improve

Ban Ki-moon promises more help from the UN

(Newser) - With time running out for any survivors of last week's earthquake, international search and rescue teams intensified their efforts in Haiti. Three people were rescued yesterday—including a 7-year-old girl who survived for days in a collapsed supermarket—bringing the total number of those pulled alive from the rubble to... More »

Obama Reiterates Haiti Support

5,000 troops to arrive in nation over the weekend

(Newser) - President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to relief in Haiti, telling the survivors of the massive earthquake "that we will do what it takes to save lives and help people get back on their feet." Obama spoke this afternoon—his third public statement in as many days—following a... More »

Airport Chaos Snarls Relief

Facility had to stop accepting flights, hampering delivery of aid

(Newser) - The one-runway airport in Port-au-Prince is struggling to keep up with traffic and had to temporarily stop allowing incoming flights today. The airport chaos, along with damaged roads, ports, and communications, is seriously complicating international relief efforts, reports the Wall Street Journal . But in one measure of good news, the... More »

Red Cross: 50K Dead in Devastated Haiti

Aid begins to arrive for estimated 3M without shelter, food, water

(Newser) - A Haitian Red Cross official estimated today that 45,000 to 50,000 people perished in the shattering earthquake Tuesday, as President Obama pledged US support of $100 million for what he said is likely to be one of the biggest relief efforts in history. Desperately needed aid began arriving... More »

150 UN Haiti Staffers Missing in Rubble

Mission leader among missing workers feared dead

(Newser) - About 150 United Nations staffers, including the Haiti mission leader, are feared dead below the rubble of Port-au-Prince in what appears to be the UN's greatest-ever loss of life in a single incident. The deaths of 16 UN workers in Tuesday's massive earthquake have already been confirmed, and "It's... More »

Google Earth Updates Views for Quake Groups

Firm responds to organization requests for up-to-date info

(Newser) - Google Earth is updating views of Haiti at the request of relief organizations seeking current information to aid rescue efforts. Google, working with geospatial image company GeoEye, has already released an overlay for Google Earth showing post-earthquake devastation while also maintaining views before the massive tragedy. More »

Pat Robertson: Blame Haiti's 'Pact to the Devil'

He says nation is cursed and must have a 'turning to God'

(Newser) - Well, this is helpful: Pat Robertson says Haiti's got itself to blame for the earthquake because of a "pact to the devil" it made long ago. "They were under the heel of the French ... and they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, 'We... More »

'Disaster of the Century' Stymies Haiti's Leaders

Official relief efforts slow in coming; it's 'unimaginable,' says prez

(Newser) - The sheer magnitude of the Haiti earthquake seems to have left the government there unable to mount any significant relief effort. Haitians were digging through the rubble with their bare hands as international relief agencies mobilized. "It's the disaster of the century," the director of Catholic Relief Services... More »

Hundreds of Thousands Feared Dead in Haiti

Haitian senator says toll could be 500K, but admits no one knows

(Newser) - Haiti's prime minister says several hundred thousand could have perished in yesterday’s earthquake. “I hope that is not true, because I hope the people had the time to get out,” Jean-Max Bellerive tells CNN . He said it was difficult to discern where the masses crowding the streets... More »

American Helps Pull Wife From Haitian Rubble

Former CBS worker Frank Thorp was 6 hours from capital

(Newser) - A former CBS employee made a mad dash from rural Haiti to its devastated capital yesterday just in time to assist workers in rescuing his wife, an aid worker, from the rubble of her organization’s headquarters. Frank Thorp was 100 miles away from Port-au-Prince—a 6-hour drive—when he... More »

How You Can Help Haiti Quake Victims

Red Cross, UNICEF, Save the Children all accepting donations

(Newser) - Disaster relief agencies are streaming into Haiti, trying to provide safe water, medical supplies, and temporary shelter for victims of the devastating earthquake there. Here are some ways you can donate to the cause, from the Daily News :
  • Text “Yele” to 501501 to donate $5 to Wyclef Jean’s
... More »

Centuries of Fault Stress Unleashed Haiti Hell

Devastating 7.0 quake brewing since 1760

(Newser) - The catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday had been brewing along a fault line for hundreds of years, experts say. Geologists believe the tectonic plates beneath the Caribbean had been pushing against each other along the fault ever since a major quake in 1760, finally rumbling into cataclysm yesterday. The... More »

Major Quake, Aftershocks Rattle Haiti

Huge death toll likely from 7.0 temblor; Obama promises aid

(Newser) - Scores of buildings have collapsed in Haiti after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck near the capital, Port-au-Prince, today, and was followed by a number of strong aftershocks, with two measuring 5.5 or higher. There’s no yet word on what’s expected to be a high death toll. An... More »

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