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Family Guy Takes on Trig Palin

Female Down's syndrome character mentions Palin-like mom

(Newser) - Now that Family Guy has taken on Trig Palin, can a demand by his mom on Facebook that the program be yanked be far behind? The popular TV series waded into treacherous waters yesterday with an episode in which a bossy female character with Down's syndrome dating Chris Griffin mentions... More »

Beck, Palin Offer to Co-Host SNL

Ex-governor bets host a steak NBC will say yes

(Newser) - Uniting Sarah Palin on-air with Glenn Beck produced the expected fireworks on Fox News today, with the duo making NBC an offer the network will be hard-pressed to refuse: They want to co-host Saturday Night Live. “How could they say no?” Palin wondered, and bet Beck a steak that... More »

2 Stories