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Expecting Trouble From Black Males Starts in Pre-K

Black and white preschool teachers alike spend more time watching black boys

(Newser) - Are black children in preschool suspended more than three times as often as their white counterparts because they act out that much more, or because their teachers are expecting and watching for behavior problems from them more? A new study out of Yale suggests that there is an "implicit... More »

Kids With Step-Siblings More Apt to Be Aggressive

New research establishes a link, but questions remain over why

(Newser) - Kids with step- or half-siblings are more likely to behave aggressively than those who don't have this added complexity in their family structure, researchers at the University of Michigan report in the journal Demography . They studied about 6,500 children and their families from across the country in the... More »

Teacher Makes 4-Year-Old Stop Writing With 'Evil' Hand

Pre-K student Zayde in Oklahoma thinks his left hand is 'bad'

(Newser) - A teacher scolded a 4-year-old student in Oklahoma over writing with his "bad" left hand, and then sent the boy's mother literature detailing how left-handedness is associated with wickedness and the devil. Alisha Sands, who is left-handed herself, says son Zayde has always used his left hand to... More »

White House Wants Sweeping Preschool Overhaul

Critics cite costs, logistics, but educators say better pre-K needed

(Newser) - The Obama administration is outlining the "federal-state partnership" it wants to use to widen preschool programs, emphasizing small class sizes and rigorous curricula in its outreach to 4-year-olds in low- and moderate income households, reports the Wall Street Journal . The outline expands on President Obama's State of the... More »

Texas School Isolates Boy, 4, Over Long Hair

Taylor Pugh has been confined to library with aide since Nov.

(Newser) - A 4-year-old Texas boy is being taught in isolation from the rest of his classmates—and faces an even harsher punishment—for not cutting his hair to conform to the school district’s grooming code. Taylor Pugh now works one-on-one with a teacher’s aide during the school day at... More »

5 Stories