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Voodoo High Priest: Christians Hogging Haiti Aid

Robertson 'devil pact' slur reflects 200 years of prejudice

(Newser) - Evangelical Christians are blocking much-needed aid from reaching Haiti's many voodoo practitioners, says the religion's top leader. "The evangelicals are in control and they take everything for themselves," high priest Max Beauvoir tells the Daily Telegraph as he points to the first aid shipment to arrive in his... More »

Pat Robertson Fallout Shows Hypocrisy of Christianity

If you blast him, you blast the whole faith

(Newser) - Christians who try to distance themselves from Pat Robertson’s assertion that the recent earthquake is payback for a pact with the devil are practicing the height of hypocrisy, Richard Dawkins writes. “Dear modern, enlightened, theologically sophisticated Christian, your entire religion is founded on an obsession with 'sin', with... More »

'Dear Pat Robertson, Leave Me Out of It. Best, Satan'

Letter to the editor on Haiti slur channels prince of darkness

(Newser) - Pat Robertson blames the Haiti earthquake on a "pact to the devil," but the prince of darkness is having none of it. At least that's the message of a letter to the editor of the Minneapolis Star Tribune that's quickly going viral. "If I had a thing... More »

Top Pat Robertson Gaffes

He's got a talent for inflammatory comments on sensitive issues

(Newser) - Pat Robertson's pact-with-devil comments about Haiti got Alexandra Silver of Time remembering some of his other rich statements. A sampling:
  • Armageddon: He said God told him there'd be a a major terrorist attack on the US in the latter half of 2007, with millions of casualties. "There's a possibility
... More »

Jon Stewart to Pat Robertson: 'Shut Your Piehole'

Limbaugh, Robertson, even Maddow irk Stewart—probably O'Reilly too

(Newser) - Jon Stewart is not happy with people using the earthquake in Haiti to advance their own agendas, and he had some words for Pat Robertson (and other offenders) last night: “Shut your piehole!” The only silver lining to the tragedy “is that whenever something this horrific... More »

Pat Robertson's Network Explains Haiti Comments

He was just repeating what 'countless scholars' have said

(Newser) - The Christian Broadcast Network suggests Pat Robertson is being unfairly vilified after his comments that Haiti is "cursed" because islanders made a pact with Satan. He "never stated that the earthquake was God's wrath," says a CBN statement. He merely repeated what "countless scholars and religious... More »

6 Stories