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Volvo's Electric Push May Not Be as Electric as You Think

It's including 'mild hybrids,' which typically run on gas engines

(Newser) - Volvo made big headlines Wednesday when it became the first traditional automaker to announce that all of its cars would be at least partially electric in 2019. The trend away from old-school engines may seem inevitable, but the Wall Street Journal has a sobering stat for electric advocates: Less than... More »

Volvo's Electric Announcement Is an Industry First

Would be first carmaker to phase out cars powered by combustion engines

(Newser) - The heart of the auto industry keeps expanding outward from Detroit, the BBC notes: first west to Silicon Valley, thanks to Tesla, and now east to China, thanks to a major move from Volvo. The Swedish carmaker, owned by the Chinese firm Geely, is poised to become the world's... More »

For 1st Time in Half a Century, Volvo Dethroned in Sweden

Volkswagen made up more new car sales in 2016

(Newser) - For the first time in more than 50 years, the best-selling car in Sweden last year was not Sweden's own Volvo. The Volkswagen Golf made up 5.9% of new car sales in the country, per Sweden's carmakers' association. Taken together, the Volvo V70, S90, and V90 made... More »

Free Uber Rides Coming to Pittsburgh—Without Drivers

Company testing autonomous vehicles with 'safety' humans behind the wheel

(Newser) - If you're in Pittsburgh over the next few weeks and see a Ford Fusion cruise by with a driver who doesn't seem to be doing much behind the wheel, you may be witnessing one of Uber's new self-driving cars. Even though many analysts have said the advent... More »

Volvo: By 2020, No One Will Die in Our Cars

Company makes bold pledge

(Newser) - Volvo has just come out with a gutsy move, making what CNN Money is calling a "shocking pledge"—that not a single person will be killed or even seriously injured in a new Volvo car or SUV by 2020. (Not including a driver who does something "really,... More »

Amazon Deliveries Coming to Audi Car Trunks

Only in Munich next month in test program, but project could expand

(Newser) - Like Santa sneaking down the chimney, Amazon is planning to drop packages off in customers' car trunks while they're at work or otherwise unavailable for delivery, the New York Times reports. The caveat (for now): Recipients need to live in Munich, have a select Audi equipped with special technology,... More »

Volvo Invents Lifesaving Invisible Paint for Bikers

Spray-on stuff reflects in headlights

(Newser) - The company that invented the three-point seat belt is behind another big innovation in road safety, and this one comes in a spray can. Volvo's LifePaint, developed by a London ad agency and a Swedish startup, is invisible when you spray it onto, say, your bike. But when a... More »

This Guy Has Driven 3M Miles in 1966 Volvo

74-year-old sets new record in Alaska

(Newser) - When Irv Gordon, 74, had driven his 1966 Volvo P1800 1.69 million miles, he set a record; now, he's made a new mark in the Guinness Book. The Long Island man has as of Sept. 17 driven the car 3 million miles, the highest mileage in history by... More »

Luxury Cars Flunk New Crash Test

Audi, Lexus, receive "poor" ratings

(Newser) - Drivers of posh rides, beware: All but three of 11 2012 luxury vehicles failed a new crash test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The group created a test that simulated a vehicle crashing into an object, such as another car, head-on on the driver's side, reports... More »

The 9 Cars Most Popular With Women

VW Beetles, small SUVs most popular for women

(Newser) - Women seem to agree on the cars they want to drive—just nine vehicle models have more female registrants than male, according to a survey of vehicle records. The top pick for women is the Volkswagen Beetle, and after that, a strong preference for small sport-utility vehicles emerges, the LA ... More »

Ford Looks to Sell Volvo to China

Geely is only bidder remaining for Swedish subsidiary

(Newser) - Ford put its Volvo unit up for sale last December, and it's narrowed the possible buyers to just one bidder: a Chinese consortium led by Geely, the country's largest private automaker. Geely first approached Ford about the purchase in summer 2008 and is prepared to pay about $2 billion, less... More »

Look Out, Detroit: Geely on Track to Be the New Toyota

(Newser) - The crash of the US auto market has sped up the global auto industry's shift toward emerging markets, and no one is better poised to take advantage than the Chinese, the Wall Street Journal reports. Geely, one of the few Chinese auto firms that operate without a foreign partner, has... More »

Auto Sales Take a Drubbing in December

Chrysler off 53%; GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda all down more than 30%

(Newser) - Chrysler's sales were off 53% in December compared to the same time last year, the Wall Street Journal reports today, with Ford's off 32% and General Motors down 31%, further indicating a steep decline in US demand for cars. Foreign makers took an even harder hit last month: A 35%... More »

Ford Eyes Chinese Buyer for Volvo

Ford's last European car on the block

(Newser) - Beleaguered Ford is poised to sell Volvo to a Chinese automaker, reports the Times of London. Ford and Volvo executives are in talks with Changan, Ford’s manufacturing partner in China—one of the country’s biggest car makers. Over the last two years Ford has sold Aston Martin, Jaguar... More »

Ford May Sell Off Volvo

Company's US sales off 28% in '08; Swedish government in talks

(Newser) - Ford is looking to cut costs wherever it can, and that might mean selling off its Volvo unit, the Wall Street Journal reports today. US sales for Volvo dropped off 28% in the first 10 months of 2008, and Ford, bleeding cash, plans to trim down and focus on its... More »

Volvo Promises Crash-Proof Car By 2020

Road deaths will be history, Swedes say

(Newser) - Volvo executives have vowed to create an un-crashable, injury-proof car by 2020, Reuters reports. The car manufacturer is adapting technology developed for commercial aviation to create a vehicle that will take over the controls in a dangerous situation and brake or steer out of harm's way. Engineers are hopeful such... More »

More Cuts Planned as Ford Shifts Out of Reverse

Investors rally for Mulally as turnaround picks up speed

(Newser) - Ford was in the worst shape of Detroit's Big 3 a couple of years ago but chief executive Alan Mulally's sweeping changes have put the firm back on the road to profitability, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company has slashed jobs, and will likely cut more, and ditched its... More »

Volvo Recalls 125,000 Trucks in US for Fire Threat

Swedish truck maker is recalling three models built between 2003 and the present

(Newser) - Volvo is pulling 125,000 trucks in North America into the shop to fix an electrical fault that could cause fires, reports the AP. Volvo VN and VT tractors and its VHD dump trucks built since 2003 are being recalled. Volvo in 2006 recalled 42,000 VN and VHD models... More »

Ford Turns 1st Quarterly Profit in 2 Years

Automaker thumps expectations, moves into black for 2007

(Newser) - In a surprise turnaround, Ford reported a $750 million quarterly profit today, ending seven quarters in the red by declaring earnings of 31 cents per share. Excluding profits related to the sale of Aston Martin and job cuts, the figure was 13 cents per share ($258 million), Bloomberg reports. Ford... More »

Ford May Be Preparing to Unload Volvo

Struggling automaker would reverse earlier decision in push for cash

(Newser) - Faced with large losses and sagging sales in North America, Ford is ready to consider offers for its Volvo division, insiders say. As recently as two weeks ago, the company insisted that  Volvo was not for sale, the New York Times reports. Already on the market are two other Ford... More »

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